Monday, March 26, 2012

When I Get Sick

When I get sick it truly sucks in many, many levels. I can't play, I can't laugh, I don't feel like stepping out, I feel guilty for laying in bed, I blame myself for not taking care of myself knowing my family needs me. I need to take supplements every day not just when I remember. I must take my Advair every day not just when my Ashtma kicks in full force.

I wish I could call my Doctor and say, "send me a Z Pack please." That way I don't have to d r i v e to see him and explain is the same thing I get when I sick. I could only do half our laundry yesterday.

John was able to pick up where I couldn't and ordered me to bed and made me chicken soup. He got brownie points yesterday.

HATE being sick. Period.


momto8 said...

stinks for sure!! hope you are better tomorrow!

The Seaman's said...