Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ms. Carol

This morning as I was in Sofia's classroom, I found out one of Raquel's teacher, Ms. Carol lost her son this past weekend. I was deeply saddened for her loss and know that the grieving process can be painful and long. She's such a wonderful person and teacher. Hug, kiss and tell your kids you love them every day.

We seem to give our loved ones back to you, Lord.
You have them to us.
But just as you did not lose them in giving,
Neither do we lose them in return.

You don’t give in the same way that the world gives.
What you give you don’t take away.
You have taught us that what is yours is ours also,
If we are yours.

Life is eternal, Lord, and your love is undying.
And the death is only a horizon.
And a horizon is nothing
But the limits of our sight.

Lift us, strong, Son of God, that we may see farther.
Cleanse our eyes that we may see more clearly,
Draw us closer to yourself, that we may find ourselves
Closer to our loved ones who are with you.

And while you prepare a place for them,
Prepare us also for that happy place
Where you are
And where we hope to be…forever.

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