Monday, April 30, 2012

Seaman Happenings

This April was way too busy but even if it takes me until mid night on the very last day of April, I will update. I will not despair on updating people who do not care about our family blog.

Sofia and Raquel got their new pool sandals and Sofia decided to help Raquel put hers on. She's got the tickles instead.

Fast forward days later, Sofia and Raquel wore their Belle's dresses and decided to hang out outside in our yard.

Sofia likes to be called Belle when she's wearing this dress. She corrects me and tells me she's not Sofia, she's Belle.

Smelling the flowers like a good princess should do.

But soon their fairy tale walk becomes another's garden duty to be had that day. 

And for some, Cornmeal on their hair and face...

And soon, to be able to feed the animals in their fairy tale walks, princesses need to learn how garden.

Raquel was doing fine until...

She wasn't supposed to pull the plant from the soil but put it in the planter in front of her. John was crushed since he doesn't like plants to die and suffer. Yes, he talks to them. He's got the 6th gardening sense.

Alright, back to basics for Raquel.

Sofia has become a pro at gardening. She loves it!

A couple of weeks later, John attended the Men's ACTS retreat. This was their return home on Sunday after mass.  

Our Priest! 

The girls had not seen John for three days and they were too excited when they saw him. I was too!

A Samoan brother in that house!

And during the month April, Sofia and Raquel attendend swiming classes at our local recreational pool.

This video was actually shot today right after we had all finished our dinner. I had to do a quick abrupt CPR technique on Raquel.

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