Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Five Things About Me Today

1. My Hair Dryer died on me yesterday. It all happened so sudden while I was drying my hair. At first, I was looking at myself and thinking, "What do I cook the girls for breakfast," when all of the sudden my hair dryer started flickering sparks and smoke and it freaked me out. I thought, "Oh no! My house is going to burn!" I unplugged the device and I threw my hair dryer in the trash can. So long! I couldn't finish my hair but I saved my house!! So I went to Target and spend $5 more on a new hair dryer. Hopefully, this one will have a more peaceful death in the future.

2. I'm so tired every night the only thing I can think of is vacation! I need to remember to take my vitamins...

3. Buying Sofia's and Raquel's new dresses for my brothers wedding was fun. They loved looking at dresses and Sofia, for the first time, begged and begged me for one pink dress (pink is her favorite color.) I gave in just this one time, because it looked like something I would have bought anyways, but the price was something I wasn't prepared to spend BUT I'm always buying her clothes that are on sale (kids grow so fast it doesn't make sense for me to purchase everything at regular price.) Sofia is very happy.

4. I'm trying to get up at 6am every morning to have more time to do things that I have to do without rushing but for right now 6:15am will have to do.

5. I enrolled Sofia and Raquel at a summer camp at our Parish, St. Joseph's for six weeks! I'm so glad they will be able to go and not spend all summer inside the house.

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