Friday, May 25, 2012

Flip Phone User

I hear that by 2018 all phones will be smart phones. They frustrate me! Ugh! I can't stand them. I do have to agree that having all kinds of information at the palm of your hands can be useful at a time of great need but for the life of me, I cannot operate the darn thing! Well, besides Angry Birds, I do like that game, I can lose about a couple of hours just like that playing the stupid game but I am not willing to pay my hard earn money on a stupid smart phone that breaks easily and gets viruses!

Heck, I can drop my flip phone and still works! I don't have to pay over a hundred dollars for the service that's ridiculous! On a good note, I hear Verizon will not stop selling flip phones for people like me that prefer a more simple life so if my carrier, T-Mobile, stops selling flip phones, I will end my ten year relationship and fly over to Verizon.

John is so hooked on his smart phone. I don't get it. Thankfully, his company pays for his IPad and IPhone. I can't even turn the darn thing off! And how do you type on that screen keyboard! Are my fingers too fat? Wide? Or am I just too old-school for all this technology stuff? I sincerely just prefer an old typewriter.

Those were the good old days...

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