Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Starting the long weekend in a hammock is always a good idea!

Barbecuing and celebrating Andrew's birthday is even better! 

Sofia and Weiser became great buddies this past Friday night. I think it had to do with Sofia feeding weiser lots and lots of chips!

We were due for a get together! Good thing my sister Yesenia and I brough our mosquito repellent. 

Thank you James for a great evening! You are the best! and your homemade salsa rocks!

We took John's grandpa Williams out for breakfast. It was nice to see him. He brought a flower from his garden! He's very sweet! But Sofia claimed as her. Sofia loves flowers.

                          Raquel is 2 not 62. We celebrated my mom's birthday this holiday weekend!

Anthony and Sofia waiting for the cake! 

Sofia decided that Yesenia's cake was not enough. So, she brought my mom her own toy cake straight from her toy box. Very thoughtful of her.

                                 The weather was so nice, we decided to go outside and play!

                                 Raquel and Uncle David. There is a bond between these two!

Today, Aaron, John's nephew left for the Army. So, we took this before picture to compare after we see him again who knows when. We are very proud of you Aaron!

There is a shoe flying in this video!

Dancing competition without holding a remote!

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