Friday, July 13, 2012

Five on Friday - Identity

1. What would be cool “entry music” for you upon your arrival at work or school?

I will Survive!

2. How have you personalized your personal computer?

With pictures of my daughters when they were babies! Oh how I wish they were babies again. Back then there was no fighting amongst them.

3. If someone were trying to decide if something were written in your handwriting, what might be a giveaway?

I write cursive and most people can't!

4. If someone who loved you wanted to get a tattoo on his or her arm as a secret reminder of you, what would be a good tattoo?

If that someone asked me that question that would be a red flag for me and I would run as fast as I can. First, I don't believe in tattoo's, second, if that person wants my name on his butt, he's got issues!

5. If you were the sort to do damage to others’ property, what would your graffiti name be?

I would take my key and scracht his car. In the past, I wanted to do that a couple of times but I figured life would take care of their bad deeds.

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