Thursday, July 12, 2012

John's Birthday with Peter Pan

John wanted to do something different and since we hadn't gone to a musical play in 5 years, I decided to surprised him with tickets to Peter Pan. We decided to take Sofia since she's old enough to handle it and it was safe enough for her. I would say that half the audience were children.

Sofia had no clue she was about to see Tinkerbell and lots and lots of Pixie Dust!

My sister Yesse bought this outfit and it finally fit her! I thought this would be a very special day to wear it and look cute!

Having dinner at the Dallas Music Hall! 

Getting ready for the show!


I probably wasn't supposed to but I couldn't help it. Watch until the end! I have to say that Hook stole the show! He made me laugh so hard! He needs his own show! PRONTO!

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