Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Family Vacation

It looks like after almost a month of frustration John has figured out how I can post to my blog again. I should have asked him instead of figuring this out by myself.

At any rate, these are our pictures from our June vacation to South Padre/Corpus Christi. Here's Sofia and Raquel checking out the planes from Hobby airport.

 To our surprise, Sofia and Raquel did well on the plane rides neither cried or threw tantrums. They were busy looking at the clouds and eating chips!

Our hotel room. It was rather muggy but clean and comfortable.

Sofia and her first trip to the beach! and she loved it!

Checking out the water. It was so cool!

Not everyone liked the beach. Raquel didn't like the waves and the fact that they pulled you back so she clung to me like a fish star to a rock!

After the beach, we head out to Corpus Christi. Raquel took one bite out of her cookie and checked out. 

With the cousins!

Uncle Guy!

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