Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yeehaw at the Mesquite Rodeo!

We decided to do something different this weekend and tickets to the Corral sections were only $12 bucks and we didn't pay for Raquel! However, at times, I did feel like I was at Walmart at one point, but overall it was good to visit the Mesquite Rodeo again after so many years! We prayed before signing the national anthem, that was really cool!

They played this song during half time and it everyone was signing this song so loud it felt like it was the national anthem of Texas. I like the song too and Raquel and I danced to it. It feels so good to live in Texas!

Before the sugar rush and junk food they ate.

They enjoyed this treat so much the high was hilarious!

The sugar in their system was loosing its effects! 

The kids dash run!
We had so much fun at the Rodeo we drove listening to country music!

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