Monday, July 16, 2012

Your Baby Can Read Company Going Kaput

Is this a surprise? I'm actually surprise the company lasted this long! I'm sure there were some successful stories of babies reading before they could walk, sing or even be potty trained but who in their right mind would want to expose their kids at 3 months to so much? Overachiever Parents, that is whom I never want to encounter in any future sport activities with my girls but that would be impossible just like asking for free coffee at Starbucks.

Your Baby Can LLC announced the decision on its website.

"Regretfully, the cost of fighting recent legal issues has left us with no option but to cease business operations," the notice says. "While we vehemently deny any wrongdoing, and strongly believe in our products, the fight has drained our resources to the point where we can no longer continue operating."

So it didn't work for a lot of parents who probably believed if they sat their baby down in front of a TV, the kid would magically learn how to read. That's what I call "Lazy Parenting." I'm down to Lesson 11 on Sofia's reading book and it takes PATIENCE people!! PATIENCE and TIME.

The website had claimed the best time for children to learn to read is when they are infants and toddlers, before they go to school; it said they could start as young as 3 months old. "Seize this small window of opportunity," it urged parents.

Are you kidding me! At 3 months they sleep, eat and poop and suck their hand and fingers and say googoo cute sounds. I seized the small window of opportunity to play with my girls, take pictures, being puked on, peed on and so on. School last about 16 years including college, we, parents have these many years to sit down and teach our kids.


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