Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First NFL Female Referee

I have always wondered why there aren't any more professional women referee in international games like Futbol (soccer), American Football or even Baseball. What I mean is that women are good at running, blowing the whistle, screaming, yelling and big sigh, make a game call.

Well, the NFL has decided to put down the gender barrier and hired their first woman NFL Referee. She has high school and some college experience but not on the professional level. I wouldn't expect her to have any professional experience since there are hardly any women with that kinda of level of experience. Thus putting a lot of pressure on her to perform with an eye of a Tiger, no an EAGLE! I wish her luck. Better her than me among big sweaty man, I'd rather play fantasy football and no, she will not be wearing a skimpy referee outfit either!


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