Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gold Digging or Gold Diggers?

Nike has done it and offended the women who are not gold diggers. Adidas offended by attempting at selling   the shackle shoes to the public, thankfully, it never made it to the stores. But this Nike T-shirt only offered in women's sizes and only for women gives a lot to be desired unless you are a "gold digger," not an Olympian trying to win the gold medal or as Nike is trying to convey the message that all of the women Olympian's are gold digging because they are in fact trying to win a gold medal and not win some guy for his "money."

This t-shirt does not offend me. It just another t-shirt with a very tacky message from the minds of the Nike Marketing department who obviously can't come up with a much better positive message to our women Olympian athletes.

I wouldn't wear this t-shirt even if I get it for free. I would probably used it as a mop to clean my wooden floors hoping it would give my floors a golden look.


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