Friday, August 31, 2012

My Favorite Things This Month - August

1. Summer Olympics 2012 - John and I love to watch sports and the Olympics are also on our list of sport events we watch every two years. This year, Raquel and Sofia got into watching Gymnastics and hearing our national anthem. British did amazing in their opening and closing ceremonies, however, I hate to say this, but the Chinese did do it better. I did love to see George Michael, though. He was my 80's heartthrob!

2. Freedom of Expression - One thing I love this country is that fact that speech is protected and when someone's opinion about certain subjects is blasted and the person is crucified across the media circus is disheartening. Whether my right and wrong is not someone else's right and wrong it is one's opinion and one must practice TOLERANCE across the board whether one belongs to Mercury and the other to Pluto. That is why, we, the Seaman's as a family stood in line for 40 minutes to support freedom of expression.

3. My 5 Year Anniversary - This is how long I have been working at my current employer and for their gratitude for having stick around so long, they gave me a booklet to choose a gift. I chose luggage. I know lame, but I was hoping there was an I-Pad or laptop. Maybe that's a different catalog...

4. Outback, Absolute Wildtea Cocktail - About two weeks ago, we had some cash laying around and we decided to break our Friday night routine and not cook, so we went to the Outback and as I glanced the menu, I "accidently" came across the drink menu. So, I glanced and nothing looked good until I saw this and I thought, tea and vodka? Well, I've never had that before. Ten minutes after I had order mine John was ordering one for himself. This drink is so good, I googled the recipe on how to make it. I haven't done it yet, but it is on my to do list!

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