Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

This past Labor Day weekend was over 100 degrees so we stayed in doors as much as possible skipping our trail walk due to the heat but the girls are always busy playing around the house with their make believe games and plays. Here's Raquel pretending she's a baby in Sofia's bed.

And here's Sofia reading to Raquel. She told me she was the mother and Raquel the baby.

I LOVE this picture of Libby (my mother in law) and Sofia. Precious moment!

Another precious moment by Abuelito and Billy. So tender!

And this is just too precious! A couple friends of ours came over and I got to hold their 5 week old baby girl, Mila! She's so tiny! This reminded me how much I want another baby! 

On Labor Day we went to the Mall, yawn, and walked around and checked out a few stores.

And of course, we ended up at the cupcake place where they both had a cupcake each.

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