Friday, October 26, 2012

Five on Friday - Vice Squad

1.What is your history with cigarettes?

I did them in my early 20's just to experiment, I did like them but I was too cheap to buy them, I would have to say that at the time my friends gave them to me like candy. Then, the smoking got pretty out of hand when my cousin died, then I smoked like crazy. Then, I started playing soccer and running and I couldn't do both. So, I quit cold-turkey. Now, I have ashtma and I can't even be standing close to a smoker.

2.What is your history with alcoholic drink?

My history with alcohol is on going thing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE wine and once in a while when I have run out of wine, I pick me up beer. I ain't an alcoholic just love to drink when I feel like it. Thankfully, my husband doesn't judge me and he's actually picked up on wine like me.

3.What was the worst trouble you got into at school?

When I got caught cheating in my math test. I was so embarrassed in humiliated by my teacher. Thankfully, he did in private and didn't blured it to the entire world! I respected for that. But ended up forgiving me. I will never forget him!

4.What’s something you got away with in school but shouldn’t have?

Some things are better left unsaid. Besides, I hated school here in the States, it just totally sucked!

5.Who’s your partner in crime?

Patricia Galbraith!!! My friend for life!

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