Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happenings - Seaman Family

Believe it or not, one day after clean up, John decided he would arrange the doll's house and this is what he did. On the first floor,you see the princesses having tea with Winnie the Pooh and some mermaid having a bath. On the second floor, you see two couples you have Belle's prince telling his story about how he and Belle met. On the top floor, Aladdin is in bed with Snow White and Jasmine. I'm not sure what to think about the top floor.

After the doll house, John moves on to the kitchen.

Guess who this is reading a book.

Sofia and Raquel at the movie theather with their 3D glassess getting ready to watch Nemo.

I'm not a fan of 3D movies, for one, I must wear my prescription glasses underneath the 3D glasses which puts pressure around the top of my nose. Two, I just plainly don't see the big deal about 3D.

She's got the Arevalo serious look. This was has look throughout the entire movie.

Two sisters sharing and enjoying a book. I love this!

Aunty Patti!

Sofia in total cooking action! Rolling some flour dough to make Sopapillas!

Taking further advice from the family Top Chef! 

And right back to it!

Since I'm unemployed, I no longer shop at the $5 dollar aisle, I have moved down to the $1.00 Targe aisle.

The dolls going for a ride - Sofia's idea.

This happened today as I was making my rounds to kiss Sofia goodnight, John made her blanket like a mermaid shape. Sofia was thrilled.

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