Sunday, October 21, 2012

Movies We Watch

It only took 2 months to watch 2 movies! We are so busy the TV is only on for Football Sunday!

1. The Artist - You can't hear the dialog between the characters because is a silent movie. You pretty much have pay attention to their movements, feelings and actions to figure out what's going on. Here and there they show you subtitles of what's being said. In the beginning, I wasn't thrilled about not having sound, but fifteen minutes in I was really into the movie and not minding it was a silent movie. Set in the late 20's, sound movies are finding their way out but not for the main character who doesn't think "talkies Cinema" is going to work and suddendly finds himself out of work due to new faces coming in to the spotlight.

Safe for kids to watch!

We give it: 5 stars.

2. Carnage - Oh boy. If you are a parent, you might find this movie somewhat interesting. This drama movie tells of two married couples who find themselves at odds when each others kids have a fight at school and neither set of parent wants to take the blame. It is hilarious the way they start arguing making their case.

We give it: 3 stars.

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