Monday, October 15, 2012

No Homework for French Children

Today, the world news got weird.

Up first, the French President, whoever he, is trying to push a homework ban and wants to get rid of homework...

He states that poor kids don't stand a chance because parents are not likely to be at home to help them with homework versus the other kids who are priviledge enough that their parents do care and actually take time away from their selfish nature and sit with them and help with homework. But get this: They only go 4 days a week!!! Geez! and now no homework! He believes homework should be done at school not at home that children should play outside.

Kids don't play outside anymore, they hooked on gadgets! Because their poor parents want them out of their way. Ugh!

Talk about spreading the ignorance but that's why we have France to start it.

A few years back, California wanted to pass a ban similiar to do this because children were at risk of developing Tuberculosis. All I got was headaches. I came to the States and my dad never sat down with me and I manage to graduate. I figured if he didn't care, I had to find it in me to care enough about me.


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