Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sofia - The New Latina Disney Princess - Sort of

John and I have, in fact, in the past talked about if or when Disney will release a hispanic Disney princess since they have now come up with just about every ethnicity princess there is for example:

Lilo - Haiwaiin, not exactly a princess but the movie was a huge hit
Mulan - China
Jasmine - Arabia
Pocahontas - American Indian
Tiana - African American
Belle - French
Ariel - A Mermaid not exactly an ethnicity but from Atlantis, so this classifies as an ethinicity

So, what's left? Philipino, Japanese, Dutch, German, Brazilian. Abvoiously, you can't do them all, but I'm truly voting for a real Hispanic Princess movie like from Spain, they still have a King and Queen over there. Or perphaps, I should write a script and present it since Disney is lacking the research on my culture. What's worse, they are even suggesting she's of hispanic heritage, people are supposing she's hispanic because of the spelling of the name. Then, why bother?

Well, that's just it, I won't even bother my real Princess (daughter) Sofia (spelling is the same) about this new Princess. I just dont' buy it. Not yet.


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