Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Staying Home

Taking care of my daughters has always been my number one priority and now that I'm home (unemployed) I can't stop cleaning or doing something to keep me busy. Of course, I do spend time with my daughters but after working for 25 years non stop, I find it hard to just sit and relax.

I'm still applying for work, Part time work, I'm not sure I can do full time anymore without the flexibility, I need for my daughters. I went to my first face to face job interview today for a very big, international company and it went well, but if I was given the chance to choose, of course, I would stay home but I feel the need to be productive not just at home but help my husband financially and not feel like I'm a burden.

I guess after working so many years, it is kind of hard to let go of that work mentality. I look at my daughters and the days are flying by and I hug them and kiss them more each and every day because they are growing way too fast for me and I'm trying to stop time by just holding on to them.

So, in the meantime, I will try harder to relaxing more, go to the park more, go to the store and just learned to browse around without feeling guilty that I can't afford it.

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