Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Ugliest Shoes....EVER!

For a fun post, I decided to poke fun at the ugliest shoes ever made by very famous artist. Even they can produce ugly stuff:

No Sheep were harmed making these. Only their souls!

The German artist actually uses dead animals to make these! So, if you want to walk like an animal, buy them. UGLY! 

Gameboy Platforms: In case the board meeting goes long, you have your game boy within reach.

By Adidas: Teddy Bear Snickers. Get them while supplies last. I wonder how kids are supposed to run in these?

I'm finding it very hard to explain these shoes. Looks more like a step stool than shoes.
People who like to wear sandals do it for one main reason: Easy to put, easy to take off. This is half boot, half sandal. UGLY!

By Nina Ricci: I see Nina likes ridicoulous platforms but why even bother with the heel? 

Alexaner McQueen: No. I want a healthy back. 

Lacoste: Everything is wrong about this including the bad tan lines this shoe will leave you and how in the world one could possibly put this on?

Balenciaga: Lego heels. This one could have actually worked in the 80's. Too bad.

Louis Vuitton: A vintage boot of some sort that can't figure out what decade fits in.

The Sock Shoe: Retail price only $380 for the grandma in you.

For those of us that do not have time to paint our toe nails, this shoe artist has an answer to our prayers.

UGG Boots: As in UGGLY Boots. No character, no specific reason why to wear them or buy unless you live in Alaska.

By Jimmy Choo: What were you thinking? 

I see this running shoes and I fear: Planta Fasciitis. UGLY!

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