Monday, November 19, 2012

Movies We Watch

Movie: Wrath of The Titans

Since we didn't have an original version to compare this one to, it turned out to be a not so bad movie. It moved fast, at times it was hard to understand so we turned on the subtitles because the god's seemed to mumbled a lot and it didn't have anything to do that John and I were sharing the only beer left.

The Son of Zeuss, Perseus, decries his god part of himself and decides to remain a mere human but after several years, he gets a visit from Zeus, his father, warning him of a calamity coming and that the era of the gods will soon end. Well, don't you know it, the calamity happened and this time they did great at the action scenes, battle scenes, no love scene thankfully and the ending, we didn't expect it. Not a bad movie, definitely better than the first one.

We give it: 3 Stars.

Movie: Haywire

Roger Ebert gave it good stars so I decided to give it a chance and it didn't fail to disappoint. A CIA spy is set up because, "she knows to much." Gina Carano stars in this movie. John immediately recognises who she is as a martial arts or some sort of UFC fighter, I forgot what he said and that she's one of the best, well, her acting is not bad but her voice is rather one dimension, no feeling but again, she was playing a CIA spy besides, Michael Fassbender, a real good actor among, Michael Douglas and Antonio Banderas.

So, she was set up over a Barcelona job and now she's running for her life but like a good spy she will go to the ends of the world to clear her name. I'm into spy anything so, I truly enjoyed the way the movie flowed and the action scenes and all the spy talk like, "watch your six." John is like what? I said, he meant, "Watch your back." He asked me how I knew that.

We give it: 3 Stars. The supporting cast was amazing this is the only reason why I gave it 3 stars.

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