Monday, November 12, 2012

Sofia Can Read!

Yes, we did it! I say, we, because it took patience and discipline to sit down every day and teach her how to read. I could have chosen other books to teach her but hands down, for me, this was the best after researching all over the place. Sofia struggled to put sounds together until lesson 26, it was like, "oh! that's easy Mommy." "Really?" She fought me, we cried, we laughed, we hugged, we were tired but it all paid off! And to reward her hard work, we went down to the library and checked out "Level 1" reading books for her and she's been reading to the dogs, Raquel, me and John since this past Saturday. I also took her to Chick Fil A as a reward.

Her preschool teachers are amaze at how much she knows.

I'm very proud of her and I had a beer that night as my reward. Next year, I start with Raquel teaching her ABC's and to write her name. This book is amazing! Heck, I even learned how to read better English!

Her letter writing has definately improved since July when we started. She got faster and her letters much better! 

Poor Raquel, she's been asking me she wants to study like Sofia but I keep telling her to be patient and wait until next year. So, she goes and pretends she reads books like Sofia.

Here's Sofia reading lesson number 99!

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