Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Seaman Christmas 2012

Well, Christmas has once again come and gone and this morning the roads looked yucky so we decided not to risk it so the order of the day was to do nothing for a change and watch movies (Disney) of course, eat and eat and eat. So, here's just a little glimpse of the last three days!

Last Thursday, Sofia and Raquel had an early school release so I treated them to Chick Fil A. You can tell Raquel was super happy.

 On Sunday, John and the girls decided to decorate a gingerbread house and of course they were more than excited because it was candy decorations.

They paused several times to lick lick lick.

This is going to be a yearly tradition.

John did pretty good, as always!

Then I came with this crazy idea of "hey, I got some sprinklers, what do you think!" and this mess was created.

At the end, there was icing left over and I had another bright idea. 

Everyone was beyond happy.

Christmas Eve with the Dunn family! Always amazing!

Then on Christmas Day we got ourselves Snow! So, we went outside!

Six hours later, we got ourselves 2 inches of snow! 

I feel blessed!

And this is the sign of a good time had by all!

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