Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Things About Me Today

1. I love it when my daughters kiss me. Today, in particular, I was saying goodbye to Raquel before she headed to her classroom when I bend over and asked for a kiss. Instead, I got vomit thrown on the side of my face. I could only laugh. I cleaned myself and gave her a kiss instead.

2. Big week this week! Sofia turns 5 and Ash Wednesday falls on her birthday this year!! And for the first time, they will be coming along with me to Ash Wednesday mass at noon tomorrow!

3. I got to buy me new running shoes plus insoles! My plantar Fasciitis is hurting again. A sign my running shoes have had enough.

4. My sister Yesenia is a big shopper! We have gone to several Estate Sales together and she's showing me not to fear spending. My fear is that I'm not working!

5. I'm taking a liking to the two fishes John has brought to our house. And as it always happens, I end up feeding them too. At least he's cleaning their tank since it gets rather yucky after three days.

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