Thursday, February 14, 2013

Movies We Watch

I just remembered I haven't done this post since November. So here's a rundown of all the movies we have watched since. From awesome to pretty bad.

1. Skyfall - Daniel Craig kicks butt again and this time is again better than the last James Bond and someone very important dies in this movie. I can't say in case someone reads this post. So, James Bond is out to get a hacker who is out to get everyone in MI-6 while James Bond tries to get back in to physicall shape after a traumautic even that left him for dead. The action is non-stop! Definitaley one of the best we have seen!

We give it: 5 stars!

2. The Bourne Legacy - Anything that resembles James Bond and spies, I will watch. I have not watch the last three Bourne movies with that "other" actor because I just don't like that other "actor," but I do like Jeremy Renner and he does amazing action scenes and the plot is great! The U.S. government is out to kill all the Bourne spies after their program gets in trouble and to protect it, they decide to start over and kill all the Bourne's but one escapes and that's when the trouble begins.

We give it: 5 Stars!

3. Prometheus - In the 80's, I was really into Alien movies. Now in my 40's, I don't enjoy them much, I really get scare now. Weird. Anyways, People on earth want to find out where they "come from." So, they set out on a space journey to look for their ancestors or whover created them. Well, after three years searching they found it. Right. But as we all know from our Alien movie watching experience, Aliens don't want to be our friends like E.T. does. No. They are out to get us and have us for snack. Good plot, and this movie is open ended. Meaning, a sequel is coming.

We give it. 3 Stars

4. MIB3 - It was funny. Aliens just got uglier in this movie. The plot was ok. Just O.K.

We give it: 2 1/2 stars

5. The Dark Knight Rises - I was so excited to finally see this move until I found myself trying to figure out when it would really start. It never did for us. The bad wasn't really scary. Batman was out beating itself out of guilt and shame and no one cared for him anymore. So the city was being destroyed....I didn't care. The only thing that we did like was Batman's car/motorcyle. They were cooler! Could have been better.

We give it 2 1/2 Stars

6. The Hunger Games - I like to watch games, I just don't like kids killing each other. That is the only thing we didn't like about it. If it could have been different besides the killing, I would have liked it even more.

We give it: 2 Stars

7. Total Recall - I was waiting for Arnold to make a cameo to give this movie a boost but he never showed up. Remakes can be total bust.

We give it: 1 1/2 Stars

8. Dark Shadows - Johnny Depp with another disguise. It suits him having a disguise in every movie because he's just not that good looking anymore. So, he's a vampire whose been freed after many years and looks to venge the witch who made him a vampire. Not a great vampire movie, and not so funny either.

We give it: 1 1/2 stars

9. Killer Joe - Bad movie for everyone to see! Matthew McConaughey I didn't like this character at all! You are better than this. I felt disgusted and worst it was shot in Dallas! Why filmed trash movies in Dallas!

We give it: 0 Stars.

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