Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break - Six Flags

It was 80 degrees in Dallas. It was hot for March. Oh, and crowded and it was decided that we will never again go in Spring Break. But what mattered the most is that Sofia and Rauel had a blast! Here's at the Tea Cup ride. This was definately a new one for us, since before we had our girls, I never dreamed on getting into these type of rides.

At El Sombrero ride. 

This was the longest ride we had to wait on. 45 minutes to get our food! Thankfully, our girls were very patient.

Holding on to dear life! Raquel doesn't like heights at all! Sofia had a blast and was throwing her arms up in the air like she just didn't care.

All by themselves!

At the train!

The Boot Ride!

And we finished it up at Braums with the cousins!

When Sofia gets tired, she gets goofy!

These two are just goofy!

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