Monday, April 1, 2013

My Favorite Things this Month - March 2013

1. Green Chili Tortillas - Yum! Spicy Tortillas from Sprouts! I will try anything that is spicy and these do not dissapoint! They make great quesadillas!

2. Houston, Texas - The last time we traveled to Houston was back in 2007 when we did our Marriage Weekend and it was bittersweet to go back and present our talk. I'd have never thought I would ever go back, much less to give a talk. Praise the Lord for only He knows what He has prepare for us!

3. The Bible Series - So the History channel did a bible series that ended yesterday and it did not dissapoint. Daniel was one of my favorite parts along with the Jesus crucifixion and Paul's story. Amazing!

4. Pop Fly - By Justin Roberts, Sofia's favorite song! I love it too and we all dance to it. I already know all the words for it!

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