Monday, June 24, 2013

True Story! I swear!

So this afternoon, I decided to hit Tom Thumb and shop for some items I needed before I headed back home. So, down I went looking for Dish Soap wearing my running shorts and while I was deciding whether to spend $2.99 or $8.99 for the bigger bottle of dish soap, suddenly a sixty year old man abruptly stops at the end of the isle and says:

60YOM - "Holy Cow! You are Brown!"

ME - I was startled by the sudden interruption from the odd stranger. "Uhm, yeah, I'm brown."
I'd like to say that I wanted to laugh out loud. I mean, really! I was born light brown, and I do tend to darkened when I hit the pool. duh!

60YOM - "How did you do it?" He looks at me up and down. Weird. "Wait, don't tell me, you've been going to the pool?

ME- "Actually, I have."

60YOM - "Wow, well, you look great. I am golfing tomorrow and I hope I can as brown as you."

Me- "Good luck!"

Seriously, this world needs a life!!!

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