Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Favorite Things This Month - September

1. All Saints Little Saints School - Sofia and Raquel started Mother's Day Out school again and this will be Sofia's last year, she's currently in the 4 year old class and God willing, we'll be able to enrolled in either St. Paul (John's first choice) or St. Joseph's (my choice but I'm leaning towards St. Paul) and Raquel will be enrolled to do her pre-k three year old class in either of these schools. How time flies!!

2. Laid-Off - I was laid off by my employer on the 18th of this month and I breathed a sign of relief. They had been asking me to relocate to Kansas City and my answer was always no. I do miss my co-workers which I'm still connected with. After almost two weeks home and a lot of prayer, I have decided to seek a part time job instead of a full time job. So, whoever "dares" to read this please pray that the employment doors be open to me and that I find a job that will work with my family time. I was heartbroken to let go of my nanny, she's such an amazing woman who loves the Lord and I'm praying something will come up for her and I.

This is the second time since in my working years that I have been laid off but the good Lord allowed it to happen for a reason. I'm already feeling the effects of unemployment, as in weight gain, but this week that will change.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Hobbit Movie

When one marries someone whose a geek, after 11 years they somehow turned you into a geek without one noticing you are one. I can't wait for this movie! oh yes and Richard Armitage, he's in North and South and MI-5! yey!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Faltering Steps

Show us Thy way, O Lord, and let us walk in Thy Paths.

You are doing so. This is the way. The way of uncertain future and faltering steps. It is my Way....

Put all fear of the future aside. Know that you will be led. Know that you will be shown. I have promise.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cowboys 1-1

What happened today in Seattle had me get up from my couch and start dinner and teach Sofia her reading lesson. I was so over the game by halftime, it was hard to believe we beat the Giants last week. It was a combination of 1. Quarterback, 2. Offensive line, 3. Defense, 4. Running backs and Wide receivers not able to catch the ball.

We play the Buccaneers next weekend. We "should" win this one, unfortunately, I'll miss the first half due to a b/day party for one of Sofia's school mates.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

James Bond

If you like car chases and James Bond, watch this! It has all the seven James Bonds combined in one car chase. I love it!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cowboys Season 2012

Fall is upon us and the new Season has begun with a big win over the Giants. I had to go and get my glasses to make sure our quarterback was number 9 because I don't remember the last time he actually played like a real quarterback. Kudos to you, Romo. Keep it up and I promise that if you win a Superbowl, I will buy your jersey.

Labor Day Weekend 2012

This past Labor Day weekend was over 100 degrees so we stayed in doors as much as possible skipping our trail walk due to the heat but the girls are always busy playing around the house with their make believe games and plays. Here's Raquel pretending she's a baby in Sofia's bed.

And here's Sofia reading to Raquel. She told me she was the mother and Raquel the baby.

I LOVE this picture of Libby (my mother in law) and Sofia. Precious moment!

Another precious moment by Abuelito and Billy. So tender!

And this is just too precious! A couple friends of ours came over and I got to hold their 5 week old baby girl, Mila! She's so tiny! This reminded me how much I want another baby! 

On Labor Day we went to the Mall, yawn, and walked around and checked out a few stores.

And of course, we ended up at the cupcake place where they both had a cupcake each.

Gymnastics 101

So we decided it was time to start the girls in some sort of activity/sports and I thought it would be ideal to start with gymnastics to see whether or not they liked it. They were really into watching the Olympic Gymnast so I decided to find a good reputable gymnastics place that wasn't too far away from our house and thankfully I found it only 10 minutes away from my house. The place is called Golden Grips in Plano. The owners have won Olympic medals and they compete in State and national level. So off we went our first day was free to try it out and to they loved it. They have come come every time excited and practicing what they have learned. Well, Sofia has, for Raquel is just another place to go play. They are both enrolled in preschool, Sofia will be moving on to the 5 year old class where she'll learned to do all the jumps and cartwheels. I'm not too sure this is a good fit for Raquel, but we shall see.

Sofia loves it so much she comes home and practices. We feel this is a good fit for her.

They love wearing their leotards. I need to buy one more for each.

Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Hailey are amazingly patient and sweet teachers. 

Practicing on the balance beam.

This place is big, nice and clean!