Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I weighed myself and the scale told me am at:


and precisely today, I felt like eating nachos and a bag of pop tarts.

My goal for the next 30 days is to lose 3 pounds. My expectations are real. My goal weight is 130. I'm not going to say I'm going to lose 10 pounds because, I am not excercising at the level that I'm used to, therefore, 3 pounds is a realistic number. If I lose more, the better!

My next weigh in is Feb. 26th. Until then, I have to survive, Superbowl and Sofia's B/day.

Cordially Yours,

Temporarily Overweight

Johns Corner/ Latest Kicks

I'm highjacking Sandra's blog for today! Who know's I may do it more often. Ususually I'm like the wizard of oz, " pay no attention to the man behind the screen.", I design the blog and update the look of it.

Here are a few things I've been into:

1. Into Ax Men series on History Channel: There's drama in logging... I had no idea. Much to Sandras dismay, I've gotten addicted to this show. I do get sad about the trees, because some of them are several hundred years old, but they save it for me by replanting. Shelby, the crazy cajun logger is my favorite. How can you not love this guy? you hardly ever know what he is saying,  he laughs like Rosco Pecotrain from the Dukes of Hazzard, and jumps in Alligator infested swamp water to get dem logs. It make me want to go logging. Stay tuned ... you may get to see some pics of me scaling my own tree and doing some pruning; its probably as close as I will come to living the dream.

2. Into Sofia singing- How can you not love your kid singing " you are my sunshine" while on the potty, and while using the toilet paper holder bar (what is the name of that spring thing anyways?) as a pretend microphone.... Heeeey, who taught her that.....??

3.  Semi -Into Master Electrician prep class- Its been long over due... I should have gotten it a long time ago and been putting it off. With the way the economy is going its definately is worth while venture. Tonight was my first class and hopefully it gets better. The information was coming fast but was sticking to my brain about as effectively as slapping dry spagetti on the wall. Bunny trails and Monotone teachers kill me... "Anyone...anyone... Bueller... Bueller??" The hightlight... vending machines that take ATM cards... about dag gum time!!!

4. National Geographic TV- I love watching animals in the wild. There was an episode where an amateur videographer caught Lions ambushing a family of Water Buffalo. They singled out the calf from amma and daddy and it knocked it into a river. This calf had (6) lions on him in their death grip and then as they are still trying to take him out a Croc comes out of nowhere and tries to take the Calf from them. I'm thinking this poor little guy is toast! The lions manage to pull him out of the water and the Croc slinks back into the river. This is the cool part, the water buffalo come back with some backup. There must have been 50 water buffalo surrounding the lions. Right off the bat one lion says the heck with this and splits. The remaining lions get run out of town one by one by the aggressive water buffalo until only 2 remain protecting their meal. I'm thinking too bad the calf is dead, but all of a sudden the calf gets up and tries to get out from the grip on the remaining lions. No way it was still alive after all that!! The bufflalo bum rush the last two lions and the calf escapes. Wow! I was amazed that the calf survived lions and a Croc attack, but the thing that got me thinking is how the parents of the calf went and got a herd of buffalo to help them get their kid back.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sewing Project - A Scarf

I have decided to do a sewing project a week. It will be impossible sometimes, but I will at least do two per month. I think this is a better alternative than no projects whatsoever! So, project number one, I made a pleated scarf out of Jersey Knit. No, I have never, ever sewn on a knit and I have learned that I don't like it. But, since I had already made up my mind that I was going to see this project through and fight against all the negativity that usually goes through my mind when I attempt to create something, I  had decided that I was going to see this project done. No matter what!

And here is the end result! The pleats took awhile to do. Sewing the scarf twice as long! What's it worth it? You betcha! I want to do it over again with a different type of jersey knit, one that doesn't stretch as much as this one does.

Here's Raquel trying it on! She loved it! and yes, she had pink eye in this picture.

Up next, Sofia trying on the scarf! And yes, Raquel didn't want Sofia to wear it! That's actually a compliment! 

Here you go. She's happy all over again.

A pretty long scarf for a 14 month old but she carried it very well and never complained!

Before I snapped this picture of my husband John, I had to beg. John believes "real man" don't wear scarves.

I made him feel pitiful.  

"oh Lord, please help me!

"Why did I tell her it was a good idea to do a scarf!" 

Nevertheless, Ms. Patricia, loved it and was very impressed!

And my co-worker, Janelle loved it as well!

Sofia's Potty Training

Sofia's Potty training is complete!! It took us exactly one month to get her 100% trained! Yes, and by that I mean she sleeps through the night and wakes up dry. Amazing! I take that back, she doesn't sleep through the night, Sofia wakes up once OR twice during the night and goes to the potty. This is why I have been drinking coffee!! She woke up at 3:00am this morning!!! This is where patience and lots of love kicks in.

Number 2 was really hard to train her on (stool.) Sofia really freaked out when she needed to do number 2 and even started to do it in her panties. I took action and talked to her. That didn't do it. So, I decided to take matters into my parental hands and told her that if she did it again, I was going to take her toys away. She did it again and the toys went away. She said to me, "mami, I don't my toys anymore." REALLY!!! She pooped in her panties again and I took all her books away. She said to me, "mami, I don't like books anymore." REALLY!!! She pooped in her panties again and I took away her favorite doll and her favorite blankie. This time she did cry. She can't sleep without them. Later on, she said, I don't want my baby and blankie anymore, mami." YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I have a very stubborn child! What could possibly send her to the edge and not resist anymore!?

ahhh!!! I took Sofia by the hand and said, "you love your brand new bike Daddy gave you for Christmas?" Sofia: "I love my bike, mami" Me: "Great! because if you poop in your panties again, I am going to give it away to the little boy who's standing outside of our house waiting for it."

SHE BELIEVED ME! It took Sofia two days to poop again, I loaded her up with lots and lots of fiber, by the way, Plum Juice is wonderful! She fought against her own poop, she was in so much pain, I decided to help her inserting a suppository. I had to do it!! and the rest is history!!!

As soon as she started pooping we gave her lots and lots of stickers! She is pooping machine now!

She's got about three gift bags where she puts her stickers on.

Your turn is coming Raquel. By the time I get to you, I will be a PRO!  

Weighty Issues

I am ridiculously overweight. I have been overweight since I delivered Raquel 14 months ago. I have not been able to exercise at the level that I'm used to due to my footie issues. However, Friday, I found myself breathing extremely hard and I finally realized that "I AM RIDICULOUSLY OVERWEIGHT" and it is now affecting my Asthma.

I don't care that both my doctors told me to stay off exercises, I have started exercising and let me tell you, not only does it feel good, I'm breathing better!!!!!

Because of my height and body frame, I cannot allow fat to just sit and grow some more. I need to lose 25...preferably 30 pounds to feel healthy and have my asthma under control. Therefore, I have started working out at the gym and staying off...hmmmm...I don't eat much but I believe my problem is;

1. Not consuming a lot of water. I have been drinking ONE glass of water a day versus the 3 liters I am used to drinking.

2. I have been drinking lots of coffee with half & half and sugar, lots of it. I gave it up yesterday and I had to go through the incredibly painful coffee withdrawal process. I was not a fun person yesterday.

And because my 5th resolution of the year was to lose weight, I am determined to maintain my resolution and lose the stupid fat that is within me.

Cordially Yours,

Temporarily Overweight

Friday, January 21, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: A Christmas Carol

What an amazing movie! We had this movie on our Netflix Queue right before it came out and we didn't get until this month. We are thinking a lot of people kept it until Chrismast day to watch it and I don't blame them, it was one of the best versions I have seen so far.

Starring Jim Carey, tells the story of Ebeneser Scrooge and about the visits he confronts of the three ghosts and he's own mortality. Amazing graphics! If you haven't watched this version yet, you won't be dissapointed.

We give it: 5 stars!!

Movie: The Last Airbender

Note: This movie is produced by Nickelodean. Remember this note whenever you decide to watch this movie. This movie feels like you are watching a Hanna Montana movie, hence, I have never ever watched a Hanna Montana movie but if you have, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The way the characters talk in this movie goes something like this: "hey, Airbender, is it, like, really you?" "yeah, is me, dude." "cool!"

WHAT!!! This movie is pretty bad, John ignored the reviews, and decided to give it a chance. The reviews were right. This movie got a little better towards the end but it is still pretty pathetic.

Airbender is someone who can manipulate all four elemements, fire, water, earth and air. Fire is out to conquer all the other three elements for world domination.

The only good thing that happened while watching this movie is that John actually experienced his "own AIRBENDER" if you know what I mean! His "Airbender" was so strong it made both my mom and I jump! My mom told John to be careful with his "Airbender" it could possibly blow us out of the house. John said he was prepping for his "Waterbender."

We give this movie: D-

The martial art fighting among the actors was a joke. They were fighting like girls.

Five on Friday - Super!

1.There are superheroes named Superman, Superfly, and Supergirl. Based on your performance this past week in whatever you do, what would have been your Super_____ name?

hmmmm.....Super Tired! or Super Stressed!

2.This week, what has been superterrific and what has been superlame?

Superterrific: I slept for 7 hours straight for two nights in a row!!! Sofia didn't wake us up to go the potty.

Superlame: Watching Ax Men with John. That show is super lame if you don't like watching men cutting down trees and breaking their noses.

3.Which of Superman’s abilities would have been the most useful this week?

I would have loved to have the ability to fly! Gas prices is nearing $3.00 here in Dallas and that's super lame!

4.What do you most expect will be super this weekend?

Learning how to sew a skirt with an invisible zipper! Can't wait!

5.What are your thoughts this week about the coming Super Bowl?
I don't have the money to attend Super Bowl so that's super  lame. I have always dreamed of going and now that is in my home town, I can't afford it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

5 Things About Me Today

1. BRRRRRRR is cold outside!!! The month of January can be inspiring or can be dull and depressing.

a. Inspiring: The beginning of a new year brings renewed hope and the chance to bring about new changes in your life.

b. Dull/Depressing: It's cold and cloudy, rainy and or snowy. Then you wait for the end of January to get your W-2's to file your income taxes.

2. I have been telling John that I would love to have another baby. He stays quiet. Then he says, "sure, why not. We'll buy the girls a bunk bed." Great! In second thought, did you know that I'm approaching the big 4-0 this year? Should I risk it? Or should I just be contend that after trying to conceive for so many years, I should just feel blessed that God allowed us to be parents?

3. John is starting his Master Electrician License class every Tuesday night for the next 12 weeks. We will miss him.

4. Raquel is saying: Agua, Caca (poop), Gracias (thank you), Amen. Not bad, ha!!!

5. I need to stop drinking coffee!!!! I first started drinking coffee only on weekends; now is almost every day. I got my reasons!

fyi: I tried the upgraded McDonald's coffee they got to compete against Starbucks, and all I have to say about it is: YUCK!!! My office coffee tastes better than theirs!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Seaman Family

I'm late posting this pictures but here they are better late than never!

Here's what Raquel and Sofia recieved from their daddy! Notice that even Billy got a ride, against his will of course.

And here we are testing it out!

Pulling with all my might, strenght and love!

On our way back, Sofia and Raquel had enough of the bandwagon and decided to walk.  

Here's a Christmas Eve picture. Sofia making cookies for Baby Jesus and Santa. 

Sofia stayed up really late but she never complained. 

Raquel with Grandpa James! 

Javier! The proud Soldier 

The bride and groom!! Can't wait! 

Snow 2011

Our first snow of the year. We got about 3 inches and we decided to stay in and do nothing and watch football, John cooked Corn Chowder and Wheat Corn bread! Tomorrow, they say we'll have slippery icy roads. Sound the alarm! All schools and public places will be close! Time to play hookey!!!

TONIGHT: Cloudy with flurries or even patches of freezing drizzle late. Low: 27. Winds: E 5-15.

I didn't even dare go outside from my very comfortable heated home.

Food Allergies

We had Sofia tested for allergies back in October and we came to find out she was allergic to a bunch of stuff but dogs (thankfully!) She was given Nasonex and Singular for her allergies due to Texas weather. Well, they didn't help. Sofia's nose was running all the time and breathing was hard for her mostly when she slept. I called back desperate and the nurse told me to give her NeilMed - Nasal Mist, this will help keep her sinus clean and will reduce her sinus infections. Well, this worked!!! But her mucous kept coming.

Friday, I decided to check her allergy report that we were given telling us everything she is allergic to. In that report, it says she's got some food allergies like Dairy.


Hmmm...interesting, could it be the milk? eggs? cheese? Because right now, I am at my wits end and I'm pretty much tired of seeing her with a runny nose. I called John and said, starting tomorrow (Saturday) Sofia's is going off Milk for a week! And we'll take it from there.

Today is Sunday and she's had two days w/out a runny nose and she's slept like an angel. Here's what I found:

Symptoms of a Toddler Milk Allergy

According to Dr. Frank Oski, former director of the Department of Pediatrics of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, compelling evidence exists that up to half of American children have some type of allergic reaction to milk. Though cow's milk is one of the most common food allergies in children, milk from other animals such as goats, buffalo and sheep, and milk from soybeans can cause a reaction as well.

Cheese Yes, Milk No

There are two types of protein found in cow's milk that can cause an allergic response: casein, which is found in milk solids (the part that curdles), and whey protein found in milk liquids. A child may be allergic to either or both, which explains why some children can tolerate cheese or yogurt well but not a glass of milk

Symptoms of Milk Allergy

Reactions may include a runny or stuffy nose, wheezing, asthma, mucous buildup accompanied by rattling in the chest, coughing and frequent ear infections. Some children show skin-related reactions and develop dark circles under their eyes, dry scaly itchy skin (eczema), rashes or hives. Others experience allergic reactions primarily in their intestinal tract, exhibiting mucous or blood in their stool, diarrhea, stomach aches with gas and bloating, constipation or vomiting. The brain is an organ which may be affected by milk allergy as well; your child may become hyperactive, irritable, anxious or complain of headaches. Sore joints and muscles for no explainable reason is another common response to milk allergy.

Expert Insight

Cow's milk, especially processed cow's milk, has been linked to a variety of health problems, including: mucous production, hemoglobin loss, childhood diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, arthritis, kidney stones, mood swings, depression, and allergies," says Dr. Julie Kotter in the May 1995 issue of Townsend Medical Letter. A parent that suspects milk allergy should consult with a pediatrician promptly. An Elisa Food Allergy Panel will be run on a blood sample to test for antibodies to dairy.

Isn't this something!!! My baby is allergic to Milk!!! Sofia has been asking for milk these past two days and she's watched Raquel drinking milk and it has been hard for her but for the first time, I am soooo happy I wasn't wiping boogers off her face. At least Sofia learned to blow her nose!

Milk is affecting Sofia's Respiratory Tract —

symptoms can range from a runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and sneezing to the triggering of asthma with coughing and wheezing

I'm calling her Ped tomorrow to find out what is the best substitution to Cow's Milk. I'll be watching Raquel like a Hawk now!!! And here, I was thinking it was the State of Texas causing problems!! I was wrong!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sewing 101

Who knew sewing a button would be so technical!!!??? Today, I took a beginners sewing class, my beautiful niece, Chaz, joined as well and I learned to sew on a button the correct way and we also learned to make a pleat!

And by the end of the course, I will learn how to make a skirt for myself!! The wonderful teacher also showed us different sewing tools. The only requirement for the class was to bring your own sewing machine.

This all started because, I have been wanting to sew more but without the knowledge on how to do so the proper way it always led me to disappointment and frustration. I have the desire and I feel the calling on learning a new trade!

I want to learn how to read a pattern, cut a pattern, learn grid line, etc, etc, etc. I remember making clothes for my dolls when I was younger and I remember loving it. Well, I want to go back to that but now I have two beautiful baby girls that I can dress up and make clothes to or whatever I want.

Next Saturday, we'll learn other stuff that will lead us to make our own skirt! Can't wait!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: The Hurt Locker

The movie starts with the following quote: "War is a Drug." The movie is based in current Iraq with our armed forces fighting to protect the Iraqi people from the insurgents. We follow a special Bombs Unit going around Iraq disassembling bombs/mortars. During this movie, you witness different type of soldiers and their reasons for either a: counting their last days until deployment and b: waiting to come back to another assignment. This movie is intense and it takes you right to the core of the war and the environment of how our soldiers live their lives day to day. Very hardcore to watch. Some soldiers do love the adrenaline that they get out of living at the edge.

Times we fast-fowarded: 0

We give it: 4 stars

Movie: Broken Embraces

Spaniard Foreign movie starring Penelope Cruz. One thing to remember about European movies, they view nudity as nothing special. Penelope Cruz plays a secretary struggling to become an actress with an ailing father she's trying to save from dying so she agrees to become a mistress to her wealthy boss. Later on we see her wanting to realize her dream as an actress and ends up falling in love with someone on set and this is where everything turns against her and freeing herself comes at a high price. Very intriguing story. John hated the end, he couldn't understand the meaning. I totally got it!

Times we fast-forwarded: 3

We give it: 3 stars

Movie: The Princess and the Frog

I loved it!! Somewhat dark for Sofia to watch yet, due to the evil dark spirits and voodoo talk. Therefore, I told John that she's not permitted to watch this until she's much much older. I love the character of Firefly and I teared up when Tiana's father tells her that what keeps family together is love. Love.

Very funny and the music is outstanding!

We give it: 5 stars!

Five on Friday - Winter

1.Where have you been that could best be described as a winter wonderland?
At the beach!! I don't like snow, or feeling cold. Therefore, to experience winter for me is to expereince it at the beach! Away, far away from brrrrrr temperatures.

2.In what way might you describe this as the winter of your discontent?
Having to return to work after two weeks vacation. It all always sucks!

3.What was the last wintergreen-flavored thing you tasted?
I don't like chewing on gummy stuff, therefore, my answer is never.

4.Is there anyone in your life who could be nicknamed Old Man Winter?
Not Applicable to anyone I know.

5.Now that the holidays have passed, is there anything good about the winter that remains?
Spring comes after Winter, therefore, I can't wait for April!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions 2011

1. I will not fear

2. I will not fear

3. I will not fear

4. I will not fear

5. I will lose weight