Monday, November 29, 2010

Backyard Camping

So John had this crazy idea, "I want to do a backyard camping" I said, "go right ahead." I didn't think he was going to do it. Well, he proved me wrong. He invited our nephews.

John built fire right inside his garden. It was cold, by the way.

They ate hot dogs, marshmallow's and whatever else people eat at camping sites.  

Sammy and Andrew.  

Cameron and Sammy. 

I don't do camping. But what I will do is slumber parties for my girls inside where is warm and cozy!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas season is here and John went out and purchase another tree.

Last year Raquel was barely a month old so this year she was all over the Christmas decorations!

The girls lending a helping hand...Sofia's hair causing havoc!

The final product. We opt out by not putting the Nativity set out this year. I don't want Raquel to break anything.

Tree Climbing

Sofia: I have an idea Mom! I want to climb the crooked apple tree!
me: no.

Sofia: come on, mami! It would be fun!
me: no.

Sofia: I promise to hold on really tight!
me: no.

Sofia: Thank you mom! you are awesome!!
me: I know that. Hold on or this will never happen again.
Raquel: I want to go up there mom!
me: no. 

Raquel: she gets to have all the fun!
me: be patient. This time next year, I promise you'll be on top of this tree.

Raquel:  until then, I'll just be cool and wait for my turn.

Sofia: mami! watch me jump out of this shopping cart!
me: let's see. 

Raquel: Is it next year yet mom!?
me: no. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I give thanks every day for the beautiful Seaman family the Lord gave me!

Here's John cutting the Turkey

Good times! and lots of great food! 

Sofia playing with her cousins, Aisha and Cameron 

All the cousins, including Sofia picking up the leafs

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Movies We Watch

Movie: Robin Hood

This Robin Hood version is the child between Braveheart and Gladiator. This version tells you how Robin Longstride became Robin Hood. The story of this Robin Hood version begins with Robin making a promise to a dying Knight to take the crown of the dead King back to England and to return the Knights personal sword back to his father.

Upon returning the sword he meets Marion Loxley and the love story begins at the same time French invades England.

This movie moves fast and the Archers are amazing to watch. This is definately better than watching Kevin Costner as Robin Hood with his American accent.

We give it A-. Not suitable for kids, lots of fights and dead people.

Movie: The Girl Who Played with Fire

This is the continuation of  "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" this time Lisbeth Salander is accused of three murders and her friend Mikael helps her investigate who the real murderer is at the same time investigating a sex-trafficking ring. In this trilogy continuation, we find out more of Lisbeth past and who her parents were, more importantly, who her father is. Lots of twist and turns and the ending had me biting my nails!

This movie only had one rated R moment. Not for kids AT ALL!

We give it A+

Monday, November 22, 2010

Protecting your Baby

There is something going on with common sense nowadays with parents. Maybe it is just me or people are just plain selfish or just don't care...who knows!

When I go shopping, I go at it alone or take Sofia with me prior to her nap time. Yesterday, I decided to go shopping for clothes for John and I, alone, at this particular store, inside was pretty crowded. The store had a great sale going on and I felt lucky it was on a particular weekend that I chose to shop.

As I roamed around looking at all the clothes that I couldn't afford to buy, I noticed a baby crying, this baby looked around 2 months old. I felt awful for the baby being surrounded by all these people and the mother too busy shopping. 15 minutes later, I heard another baby crying, this one looked about a month old! My question is: Why can't this women shop without their babies and leave them at home with their spouse! Mind you, both of these two women were shopping with their spouses.

I don't remember the last time, John shopped clothes with me. In fact, John truly appreciates that he doesn't shop for clothes with me.

It gets worse when I go to Baby's R Us. Tiny babies crying everywhere! Maybe I'm the weird mom here, but I never took my baby girls out shopping with me when they were tiny. Why exposed them like that!

"Likewise, taking your baby to enclosed public places within the first few weeks of life is not recommended. The baby's immune system is still developing, which means the risk of your baby getting sick due to coughs or sneezes increases dramatically.

Taking your baby to enclosed, noisy places such as shopping malls can also lead to over stimulation. Think about it: a new baby has been warm and safe inside his or her mother for nine months. A trip to the mall, with the noises, the lights, and the movement, would be as exhausting as a day at Disney World for a new baby. Over stimulation can have physical effects on your baby, such as poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, and even inconsolable crying. It's best to save these outings for the future when both you and baby are more ready. If you must go to enclosed places, it's best to limit your time out to 30 minutes or less."

At any rate, I know everyone is different and I'm glad I'm "weird different." I take my babies well-being into consideration and John and I are careful of when and where we take them but some people are just very irresponsible.

Just my opinion.


Cowboys 2010

We beat the Lions. But now we are facing the Stinky Saints on Thanksgiving. We must crash them and send them back with soap to the stinkiest city in the South.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Friendships and Flock Comedies

Mile-Wide, Inch-Deep
By: Chuck Colson

When it comes to friendship, find out why more really is less.

David Brooks, the insightful New York Times columnist, has been watching a lot of television lately—comedies, to be specific. Brooks has noticed a shift in how television treats friendship. “For most of television history,” Brooks writes, “sitcoms have been about families.” But now, Brooks observes, “Today’s shows are often about groups of unrelated friends who have the time to lounge around apartments, coffee shops and workplaces exchanging witticisms about each other and the passing scene.”

Brooks and other cultural critics say that this change to what are called “flock comedies” reflects a deeper cultural shift brought about by new technologies and trends such as extended adolescence. “With people delaying marriage and childbearing into their 30s,” Brooks writes, “young people now spend long periods of their lives outside of traditional families, living among diverse friendship tribes.”

The hit new movie, “The Social Network,” chronicles the invention of one of these technologies, Facebook in 2003—that’s right, two thousand and three. Think of how differently we communicated less than a decade ago! Today more and more people communicate with the outside world primarily through their laptops or cell phones. We all know people who have gathered hundreds of so-called “Facebook friends”—if not thousands of them.

But as good and useful as these social-networking technologies can sometimes be, what are they doing to our concept of friendship? As has been said in other contexts, if our friendships are a mile wide, they are probably no more than an inch deep.

According to an American Sociological Review study called “Social Isolation in America,” as of 2004, the average American had just two close friends. That compares with three in 1985. Those reporting no close friends at all exploded from 10 percent in 1985 to 25 percent in 2004. Even the share of Americans reporting a healthy circle of four or five friends had fallen from 33 percent to just over 15 percent. And keep in mind that most of this decline took place before Facebook had really taken hold.

Sure, Facebook may allow us to keep some kind of connection with friends and family with whom we find it hard to stay in touch in these busy times. But is a Facebook friend as good as a real friend? I think not. Referencing the biblical characters of Ruth and Naomi, David Brooks wisely notes, “Throughout history, the most famous friendships were one on one.” The Greek philosopher Aristotle said that close friends “share salt together.” According to author Mark Vernon, they “sit with one another across the course of their lives, sharing its savor — its moments, bitter and sweet.”

Such friendships take time—both quality time and quantity time! They cannot be rushed, and they cannot be created virtually.

So am I saying you should unplug your television set or power down your computer? Now, that’s a tempting thought. But no, when it comes to developing the kinds of relationships that last, and that have a lasting impact, we would do well to emulate Jesus. The Savior, while relating to the multitudes, focused his time on twelve often thick-headed disciples, including an inner circle of three men—Peter, James, and John—one of whom, John, was called “the disciple whom Jesus loved.”

If we want to change the world and experience satisfying relationships, sometimes less really is more.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Raquel's 1st Birthday Party

We want to thank everyone who came to help us celebrate Raquel's 1st b/day! We feel blessed to have such an amazing circle of family and friends!

Believe it or not, I made this tutu skirt. Not by choice! I couldn't get anyone to send me one in time, therefore, I decided to make one.

Raquel Moani Seaman 

When Sofia noticed Raquel was wearing her Tutu skirt, she asked to wear her Tutu skirt.

Here's John trying to hang the pinata to the tree limb. It took SEVERAL tries.

Zarah, I'm sorry if I don't get your daughter's name right, but I just can't remember who is who!!! I'm guessing this is Anjelica.

The obligatory pinata picture pose. 

Raquel doesn't care to beat around a Pinata just yet... 

Best friend Patty with Raquel. She's fabolous!

While the kids brought down the Pinata and the candy splattered all over the grass, Sofia didn't have a clue what was going on behind her! I thought it was hilarious that she was into some cards than wondering what all that screaming was about! 

First cake bite! 

Uncle Guy! He's a sweet dude!

Cool Auntie Nessa! She's the bomb! 

Auntie Yesenia! She's pretty smart!  

Auntie Medit! She's full of wisdom and grace! 

Uncle Carlos! He's the Mr. Miyagi Teacher of the family!
Miyagi: "We make sacred pact. I promise teach karate to you, you promise learn. I say. You do. No questions." 

Auntie Wendy! She's taking me shopping when I'm older!

Andrew and Raquel. He's so sweet!

Raquel: no, it's my sippy cup, Anjelica! 

I love this picture! Eva and Raquel! only two weeks apart! 

Raquel and Xavian - he's a cutie! 

Grandpa and Raquel!