Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tree Climbing

Sofia: I have an idea Mom! I want to climb the crooked apple tree!
me: no.

Sofia: come on, mami! It would be fun!
me: no.

Sofia: I promise to hold on really tight!
me: no.

Sofia: Thank you mom! you are awesome!!
me: I know that. Hold on or this will never happen again.
Raquel: I want to go up there mom!
me: no. 

Raquel: she gets to have all the fun!
me: be patient. This time next year, I promise you'll be on top of this tree.

Raquel:  until then, I'll just be cool and wait for my turn.

Sofia: mami! watch me jump out of this shopping cart!
me: let's see. 

Raquel: Is it next year yet mom!?
me: no. 

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