Friday, December 30, 2011

Where Do Grey Hairs Come From?

I've been noticing that my hair is showing gray hairs everywhere! So, I think is time to panic and start taking extreme measures to cover them, to deny them, to pretend they don't exist! However, it is to be expected. My Father was covered in grey hairs by the time he was 25 so at 40 I don't think I'm doing so bad, I just didn't expect them this early, I mean my Mother is 61 and I can count her grey hairs in ONE HAND! Or is it the daily stress that's causing them to come out early? Perhaps, but I know for a fact that my mom had quadruple the stress so, I'll dissmis that theory.

So the question is, is it genetics or B12 deficiency? For right now, I will toss out the genetic destiny and test out the B12 theory and deny it is my genetics who are turning me gray! I will now buy me B12 and for the time being color my hair with my favorite color. Black.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Movies We Watch

Movie: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Ethan Hunt comes back to clear his organizations name (IMF) after being accused of bombing the Russian Kremlin and the IMF is blamed and dismantled and so Ghost Protocol is formed to discover who was behind the bombing and to recover secret nuclear codes. The action scenes in this movie were brilliant and amazing to watch, again, Tom Cruise is amazing as Ethan Hunt and his supporting cast gave great perfomances and as always witty! This is a must purchase movie for us and we think this is one of the best M.I movies they've made yet. It will be very hard to replace Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, he is, like all of us, showing his age but still looking pretty good.

4 IMF's stars!

Movie: Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

Sherlock returns again to investigate Professor Moriarty who is scheming war between European countries, however Sherlock has no proof and seeks out his partner Dr. Watson to help him but he's getting married but not before seeking the help from a Gypsie. I enjoyed the first Sherlock movie, this one was enjoyable but I felt rather long, it doesn't dissapoint listening how Dr. Watson and Holmes interact.

3 Sherlock Stars.

Movie: The Company Men

This is the story of three men who have been laid off and are trying to survive in a very tough (current)economy. We see how these three men cope by being unemployed, if you have ever been laid off, you know the feeling. One has spent 30 years of his life but is given a great retirement package and stocks, the second spends the next four months denying his severance paychecks are about to end and facing foreclosure, the last one takes it very hard and makes a life decision he could regret. This movie shows you the greed of CEO's and how the rest of us are scrapping by. Hard to watch.

3 Stars.

Movie: Battle - Los Angeles

Another Alien Invasion movie where the cast has to find out how to destroy the Aliens, well after two days if the environment and water hasn't killed them off, what then? John and I figured it out pretty quickly. We also figured out we are done with Alien movies unless it has Sigourney Weaver in it, she can kick some Alien's butt!

1 Battle Stars.

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White-Sand Christmas!

I hate Winter. I hate feeling cold. For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many people "wish" for a White Christmas! All I want for Christmas is to pop fireworks and dig my toes in white sand on Christmas day.

One day, God willing, I will celebrate Christmas on a warm place, digging my toes in the sand, and sipping on a refreshing cool drink. Heck, it doesn't have to be white sand, any beach sand will do as long as it is far, far away from winter. Bluh.

Christmas Shopping

O.M.G. I'll start with that and then get dizzy, pale and probably pass out next time I shop at Toys R Us next year.

So, I decided to wait until I was on vacation to Christmas shop for our girls and I chose yesterday (Wednesday) to do so. I went to Target first in the a.m. about an hour and a half before lunch and the store was not buzzing with crazy shoppers but after an hour it seemed that everyone had gathered at the toy section of the store because I could no longer roll my cart inside the aisles, then I proceeded to head to the Electronics section where I also found a lot of people but it was o.k, not crazy just o.k. then after lunch I proceeded to head out to Toys R Us where I found it to be a mad house.

There were absolutely no employees to help you through the maze of toy aisles full with people and with absolutely no clue as to where the toys were located, I found myself going through every single aisle and suddenly, I was sweating and getting dizzy. That was nerve wracking to say the least and only to find out that what I was looking for, once I was at the cashier's was out of stock AND the only store to carry the item was in FRISCO!!!

Which meant that if I wanted to save $50 in this item (Wednesday was the last day of the sale) I needed to make a decision to drive to Frisco. I did. Fortunately for me, that store was not a mad house.

My point is, when you are shopping for toys people can get frantic. I got dizzy and pale. No one was smiling, no one, I take it was happy to be there; I reckon buying toys for your kids can be a happy event but Christmas shopping can throw the jolly out the window.

Just saying. -Sandra.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leaves Galore!

It has been quiet a few weeks since I don't venture out in our front yard and Sunday the weather was warm and after picking up the dogs poop that has been accumulating for about 4 weeks, the girls and I went outside and we have lots of work to do after Christmas! This time we'll let the girls help out.


There were some parts there is so much leaves it came up to their knees. They loved it! 

Raquel is finally taller than the snowman! 

Christmas Events 2011

Raquel writing her letter to Santa.

Never mind! She's drawing what she wants for Christmas instead! That's got to be a Hello Kitty upside down...

Having breakfast with Santa at our Parish!

Santa stopped by to check how breakfast was. I wanted to say the eggs lacked flavor and salt but I didn't.

Raquel was unfazed by Santa; Sofia turned her quiet and shy self with Santa. 

Forget Santa, Raquel loved the Ginger Man! 

Face painting never fails to impress.

At John's FSG Christmas party! 

This was Sofia's Little Saints Christmas Event

I decided that it was time to trim down Raquel's curls. No matter what put on her hair it was still whacked! 

Sofia went first! She loves Manolo!

Ta-DA! and her curls came back! But at least they are manageable.

Decision time: will the curls disappear or not? BTW: Raquel loved being pampered. I loved that her haircut was free! 

The haircut failed to disappear the curls but tame them! She looks so much like her daddy! 

Reminiscing about the 50's dance...using our daughters as liability...

Now, these two love to dance together; I smell something funny...although Hollis does have some pretty good moves!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 Things About Me Today

1. It has been years since I have visited an Old Navy store and instead of coming out empty handed and disgusted at the lack of choices for me and John, this time I bought me a nice sweater for work and bought Sofia several tops. They still target the teenage masses and that's fine with me, thank goodness the Gap near me is not been shipped to China. Old Navy has nice stuff for my girls, I can only get so much out of Target who also has a nice clothes for kids, but sooner or later you do want variety.

2. I blame Thanksgiving and all the Christmas parties we are about to attend for my lack of keeping up with my healthy eating habits. Thankfully, we have January to look forward and reaffirm our goals all over again!

3. For the last two weeks, I have been listening to Leonardo Favio, Sandro, Leodan and other artist like these. Years ago, my father used to play their songs every weekend and I felt tortured every time I heard them. I could not understand why anyone would listen to bad songs. Today, I understand why my father liked them; they are not like today's music, dirty. The music of yesterday is amazingly beautiful, I just did not understand its simplicity.

4. I can't wait to go on my vacation to start taking mid-afternoon naps with my girls.

5. I have not shop for any presents. Nor do I want to just thinking how full the parking lot is and the crazy people shopping. Thankfully, there is always Starbucks to help me through my shopping.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Raquel's Baptism

It is never too late and we finally baptized Raquel! It was a very rainy cold day in Dallas but we didn't care, it was a blessed day for us!
Raquel was mysteriously quiet and relax for her baptism and for that I praise the Lord!

The Godparents, David and Yesenia Dunn. The new Compadres! 

Unfortunately, Raquel never cracked a smile.

I forgot to ask Sofia to lend a smile to Raquel. 

Sofia and Andrew.

Sammy, el loquito. 


Grandma Libby! 

Sofia with her Auntie/Godmother Wendy. 


Auntie Vanessa!

Deacon Randy who conducted Raquel's baptism is filled with the Holy Spirit. He's amazing! He speaks with so much warmth and love of Christ.  

And afterwards, we went to eat!