Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Billy's Corner...

That's right! What about it? You darn right I get my own corner now! My public needs to hear my story, its ups and downs, drama man, drama. They love the drama. For the ladies...yes I'm single.. heeeeyyyy!
Anyways, this is me gearing up for Halloween , I call it Franken-hua-hua!!!
(pronounced frankenwawa)

Hey!! I know you don't know, being the new kid on the block and all, so this time I'll let you slide, but thats my seat. Ok? Ok! Just want to get that straight.

Yeah up there is better for you, I'll hold it down right here...cool. No biggy, its like both our spots. When I'm not here you can hang out and keep it warm for me... cool.

Whoo-Ha Corner

Yo!!! Me and Uncle G just chillin. Peace out peeps!!!

Brains!! your sucking out my brains!!

Fun with cheap drawing tools; baby sofia on her first day in the world.

8 Mile Venture

I am about to begin something that I was supposed to have done last year around this time, however, due to getting pregnant, my goal of running the Turkey Trot 2007 and training for it when down to my growing belly.

Although, I have to say that since I returned to running this last April, I have seen a good handful of pregnant women running. The last 5K I did in early May, there she was an 8 month pregnant woman and embarrasingly enough she finished way before me. I was only carrying fat, mind you. So, that pretty much put me in a different perspective, how can she and I couldn't? Let's roll back the time and see why I could even barely walk: puke day and night for 9 months, lost all energy, my belly was growing at a record time and lost my balance even when walking so, wobbling was just the perfect way to keep balance. Also, I was told by my Doc that I was a "high risk pregnancy" even though my baby looked fine and healthy, but because "I'm consider older" than the average child bearer I should only walk. So that's why I didn't even run. 9 months and 60lbs later, I have a beautiful 8lb 3onzer baby. Oh yeah, 60lbs. I was supposed to gain 35lbs, whatever that means. I say it was water weight.

At any rate, John with his new found love of running did train for the "Too Hot To Handle" 8 mile run this summer and did not dissapoint. So, after staying cool this summer and taking my running inside the gym due to my Ashtma, it is now my time to conquer my goal and run the Turkey Trot 2008.

My training starts this coming Monday, October 6th, twice a week. It goes for 7 straight weeks until Turkey day. As I am told, they start making us run 30 minutes to start, well, i can barely run 22 minutes straight but, I am going to hang on and just do it. I keep you posted on my runs. I will also appreciate any "tips" if you are a runner for the 8 mile run.
I guess this is one good way to also drop my last baby weight off me. (I mean, water weight)

Love, Sandra S.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing Queen!

Sofia at 5 months! July 2008

my god giving miracle gift!

Sofia at Adventure Landing

Now that's a serious turtle head!!!
Disclaimer #1 (this comment was made by John Seaman.)
Disclaimer #2 (no animals were harmed or harrassed during the photoshoot)
Disclaimer #3 (ok maybe they were harassed a little...but sofia made us do it!!)

Weekend Corner! Sept. 28th, 2008

Sofia attended her cousins' 10th b/day party at Adventure Landing this past Sunday, and as you can see, even though she can't eat pizza or cake she still wants to let all her cousins know (fyi: they are 5 boys total) that she's not going to miss the fun! Happy Birthday Sammy! May you always be strong so you can carry Sofia up in your shoulders!

We love you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Our little Sofia is sick. A cold. sneezing, drainage, temperature and up all night!

Being a parent is fun, and after being up all night with her this is the challenging part of being a parent is all about. My patience has been tested and I would like to say that I'm passing, however, at 3am and not being able to put my head on my pillow my patience is knocking pretty loud, but seeing her suffer just makes me want to wish, I could take all that sickness from her and swallow it.

And to top it off being at work away from her and not being able to comfort her is alot harder than staying up all night. I'm working on fixing that can't say what it is but will come soon to this blog.

At any rate, I did find out one thing last night, men are not as strong on staying up all night with a crying baby as women. John had the courage of helping me out...for two hours last night while I tried to go to sleep for a bit. God bless him.

Like my mom told me this morning, these long nights is what makes a good mother stronger. Yippe!! zzzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sofia's Corner - Video Blog

Yoda Baby! March 2008

Sofia's Corner - Video Blog

Another day in the life of Ms. Sofia.

Sofia's Corner - Video Blog

Sofia's having a good laugh! Enjoy.

Past her nap time

This happens after 9:30am!!!! BEWARE!

A Family Portrait

Our First family picture! A dream come true!

We decided, um..actually, I decided to make an early appointment with the picture people because Miss Sofia is her most happy self in the morning, so after we took care of her tummy first, we dressed her up and drove up in time to our 9am appt.

As you see, I didn't wear my best, the appoitment was just for Sofia, but at the last minute we decided that this was the best time to take a family picture, so here you have it. I feel so bless that after the dark clouds and rain of last year, this is the product of forgivess and love.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers last year. As everyone knows, John and I almost lost each other but the hand of God didn't let go and we both learned how to love each other again and learn to forgive each other and choose love over misery.

Thank you for everyone's support, prayers and love.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sofia's Corner


Whatsuppeeps?It'smeMissAwesomenessherself!Iwanttoblessthispagewithmythoughts.Um...ok!Wheresthe...um...oh... yay there it is!! The "space bar". This is totally cool!! You like hit the bar and nothing happens but space. Check it out soooo cool!! Alrighty then! Soorry random thought patterns. Ok check it! so this is my typical day! I get up with a couple "aaaa's"! I'm totally a morning person...my poor parents they don't know what hit them AJA!! Mom is totally not a morning person but shes a trooper, she hangs with it! Dad, i know he secretly wishes i will fall right back a sleep, are you kidding, we are talking about a whole new world to experience who has time for sleep. They still try to catch a couple winks when i ain't looking, suckkers, i got motor skillz now, and a couple handslaps and nail scratches puts an end to that mess!

Currently, i'm not a tummy girl, I just like to sit, my parents try to play mind games with me by placing objects beyond my reach...I'm on to them though, and i will continue to resist. I will keep you posted. I do enjoy the walker though, i'm mobile and i'm fierce behind the wheel. Watch your toes daddy i laugh at your pain.

My pallette is expanding now too!! I'm digging the cookie thing, great texture, and it's awesome when it dries all crumbly. My fav though... ohhh...its gotta be potatoes! Heaven!! Peaches are great too; although they dig trigger some unforseen reactions! Everytime i took a bite my face dig this whole scrunchy thing, i was so not in control of it! Daddy loved the reaction though, thats ok he gets the diaper duty after my body has has squeezed all the nutrients out of those potatoes...aja..love you daddy!!

Well thats it for now!



Eat,sleep, and you know.... woo hoo I'm a Machine!!

Our First Family Blog

Our first blog. It was way too easy to create. but here it goes.

What was the inspiration for this blog? Many of our friends have blogs, and I have decided to break the wall and go with flow. We'll see how it goes.