Monday, February 22, 2010

5 Things

5 Things about me right now...

1. I got to stop saying NO to FREE Mexican Food. When my best friends' boyfriend is the guy running the place there are benefits that come with that! Thanks Pati! love ya!

2. My Plantar Fasciitis is feeling better but I'm still not running. Therefore, my weight is unchanged. Not a good thing since I got until May to fit into my jeans.

3. Watching the Olympics is making getting up in the morning very tough.

4. There will be snow AGAIN tomorrow here in the Dallas area. This will be the 4th or 5th time, I lost count already. I'm getting tired of being cold. Bring on the heat, man!

5. This past weekend, I learned about another addiction that some married couples commit that is called "addiction to parents" meaning, putting your parent or parents before your spouse. The order should be: God, spouse, children, parents. I'm afraid I HAD this addiction and didn't give my spouse his proper place. -Sandra.

The Olympics - Week 1

We love, love, love watching the Olympics, since there is nothing really much to watch when it comes to national sports...we are not really into Basketball this season so Olympics are much more exciting to watch.
Here's what we think has been the most exciting things we have watched so far!

Watching Evan Lysacek beat the defending gold Olympic Champion Plushenko on figure skating was awesome and most importantly, this is our first gold in these events in 22 years!! Evan was outstanding and exciting to watch.

Plushenko of course, thought he deserved the gold instead and decided to make his feelings known to the world. Russians are just sore losers. Take that you Russians!
Another big moment was when Apolo Ohno won his sixth and seventh medal. John is a big fan of Ohno and we felt in love short track last olympics because of this guy! He's got two more games this week and we hope one is a gold medal. South Koreans are also hating on Apolo. Haters are just mean people.

Bodi Miller is sober on this Olympics! He was such a bust last Olympics that he thought that being young and invincible, he could drink, party and still score a medal in the games could bring him glory! boy, did he crash and burned last time. This time, he's got three medals last night he got the gold medal and we found out he's now a father of a two year old baby. Parenthood can change life, doesn't it!

Another skiier to note is Lindsey Vonn. She's amazing and watching all the skiiers crushing left and right, you have to hand it to anyone who can cross the finish line unscatch.

If you weren't watching the hockey game between the US and Canada you must not be from around here. What an awesome game and the Canadians thought they could beat us! Take that you Canadians! And eat cake too!

Now, let's discuss Curling. Let's not, because I'm now hooked on that game! One thing, I did notice is that you don't have to possess any physical endurance or ability to perform this game, just accuracy. US not flaring too well.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sofia's 2nd Birthday Party

Here's Sofia's German Chocolate b/day cake! It was delicious!

Michelle with Raquel

Gina with her beautiful baby Abby.

Group birthday picture

Mrs. Cash with Ms. Eva

T.J! He's so cute!

Phillip MacIvor. Shalom!

Yesenia with her fiance David and Raquel

Lent Project

Sofia's Little Saints School has given her a project for Lent to come up with an "Act of Kindness" and print it on our art work. So here it is! Ok, so it looks better when it's not scanned. Therefore, our Act of Kindess during this Lent season is to bake homemade cookies and take them to Fire Stations here in Plano.

We figure since Sofia likes to prep food when we are cooking, she will love making cookies!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Went to my Foot Doctor today for my Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot and I was not expecting two injections on the bottom of my foot. Yes, it hurt so much I had tears only on my right eye, I'm not sure why my left eye didn't want to cry out from pain like my right eye did but nevertheless, it felt like someone was sticking a knife inside my foot.
Yes, that painful!

The pain on my left foot was just getting ridiculously awful that I was limping everywhere I went. It is even keeping me from running! So, that's when I decided to go to a Doctor.
Basically, he tells me that Plantar Fasciitis happens when:

A. one has a high arch. CHECK.

B. one has gained a lot of weight. CHECK
Symptons are: the bottom of your foot may hurt when standing, expecially first thing in the morning (CHECK!) Pain usually occurs on the inside of the foot, near the spot where your heel and arch meet. Pain may lessen after a few steps, but it comes back after rest or with prolonged movement.

Therefore, his instructions to me was to keep losing the weight and keep my left foot off the floor for two days. He understands that it will be hard with two kids but it needs to be done. I'm glad John understands my situation and will bathe both of the girls tonight and tomorrow night. He's a little nervous with Raquel since he's never bathe her before. Yes, this sucks! Doctor states that I should be feeling better in about 6 to 8 weeks from now. -Sandra.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Snow and more Snow!

We got 6.5 inches of Snow here in Plano! Dallas got 7 inches. Most schools didn't close today and neither did Sofia so off she went to school and off I went to work! This picture was taken at 8am.

Sofia doing something with a stick
The afternoon pic of me and Sofia and we were excited it kept snowing!

Presenting the Patriotic Republican Snowman of Plano, Texas. Please notice the small flag of the United States on its right arm.
My Casa and also yours!

Raquel was wondering why she wasn't in any of the snow pictures....

Posing with the Patriotic Republican Snowman of Plano, TX.

7 inches!

There will be up to 7 inches on my lawn today!!! I haven't seen this much snow since the mid 80's! Snowman making this afternoon is a MUST!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Answer to a Prayer

I have learned to bend my knees when I seek the Lord. I have learned that God is merciful, loving and forgiving.

My heart has been troubled for some time and I tend to seek out solutions on my own only to find that I achieve nothing by myself only to remember that with the Lord, his will and not mine should be the focus of my life and through his will, I should live every day of my life.

It is fear that leads me to do my will because I feel it is the fastest solution to my problems. When nothing is achieved, I get anxious and fear the worst outcome.

Last night I felt overwhelmed by not been able to find a solution to my problem. I felt lost. I dropped to my knees and prayed and cried and cried so more. I was reminded that I'm not alone.

This morning, I happened to open my devotional book call "God Calling" this book was given to me by a beautiful lady at my church who was helping me cope with my separation and divorce from John.

I opened the page to today's date, February 8 and here's what it said:

On Me Alone:
I AM your Lord, your supply. You must rely on Me. Trust to the last uttermost limit. Trust and be not afraid. You must depend on Divine Power only. I have not forgotten you. Your help is coming. You shall know and realize My Power.
Endurance is faith tried almost to breaking point. You must wait, and trust, and hope, and joy in Me. You must not depend on man but on Me, on Me, your Strength, your Help, your Supply. This is the great test. Am I your supply or not? Every great work for Me has had to have this great test-time.
Possess y our souls in patience and rejoice. You must wait until I show the way. Heaven itself cannot contain more joy than that soul knows, when, after the waiting-test, I crown it Victor, but no disciple of Mine can be victor, who does not wait until I give the order to start. You cannot be anxious if you know that I am your supply.

I was crying all through this reading because God is telling me exactly what he wants me to do. Wait for him, patiently; He has not forgotten me! His ways of communicating back to me will never cease to surprise me.

I will wait for him and accept his will because it is the best for me. It is what he has ready for me. -Sandra.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Seaman Girls

Here's John showing Sofia how to crack an egg. After this one, she wanted to crack the other 11 eggs on the carton.
Here's Raquel having fun with Sofia. Sofia was not having fun with Raquel.

Auntie Nessa and Cousin Chaz with Sofia!

What's up Erkel!? Did I do that!? For the record, the pants on Raquel are size 12 months. Her other pants were in the laundry basket. But she still looks cute in this one!

Sofia loving on Billy. This is their first picture together this close. Billy has never allowed Sofia to get this close until now. Billy has been rather jealous of her; chihuahuas are pretty territorial and Billy considers me his mama too.

My dog Billy. Yes, as everyone knows, he's my favorite dog.

Friday, February 5, 2010

5 Things

5 Things about me right now...

1. I got to stop eating mexican food on Fridays! Not good for my diet. Now, I got to run tonight!

2. I don't like drama. I like peace of mind. Mostly, I like hughs.

3. Got to start writing down what I need for Sofia's b/day party next weekend.

4. Got to buy cupcakes for Sofia's Thursday class and get her classmates valentine's cards ready...oh and get something really sweet for her teachers.

5. I like to get some sleep this weekend. I said, I like to... not that it's going to happen.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Movies We Watch

It took us about two weeks to finally sit down and enjoy these two movies!

Movie: Coraline - This was John's choice; he loves Tim Burton's movies so this was a must watch for him. One word to describe this move: Spooky. Not a children's movie unless you want to teach your kids a lesson about appreciating you. Coraline is a pre-teen girl who lives with her very busy parents who have no time for her and she is craving for attention and finds it with her very odd neighbors. The apartment where they live has a door that leads to a magical world where she finds the exact same people but the difference is that they all have buttons for eyes including her parents. However, these set of parents are everything she wants her real parents to be, but there is something she has to give up in order for her to stay with these strange looking parents and this is where the spookiness begin. This is not a movie for younger kids, but for pre-teens and up. I give it a B+.

Movie: Defiance - Daniel Craig is in this movie, he's the handsome James Bond. I picked this movie not because Daniel Craig is in it, (yeah right!) but because it has great reviews. Daniel or Tuvia in the movie, plays a Jewish man who escapes with his brothers from the Nazis to the forest in Germany, however, while being hunted from the Nazis, the brothers find other Jewish people in the forest who are also escaping the Nazis death camps. Very excellent movie! And a TRUE Story! A must see. They live in the forest for about 3 years. Very heart wrenching movie and how they survive not only the elements, i.e, cold weather and lack of food, but the thought of Nazis finding them. I'm not talking about 10 people, they were about 300 hundred people! Amazing story, very touching! I give it an A+. and yes, Daniel Craig is still the best James Bond ever! -Sandra.

The Seaman Girls

Raquel and Patti!

I love this hat my mom bought Raquel but most of all I love her smile!

Gracie and Raquel!

Here's Sofia with her famous Seaman hair and John trying on this baby carrier that we never used it will be donated soon.