Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back From Hiatus

I quit doing my blog after I was laid off from my full time job.

Let's see if I can do this again. MUST FIND PURPOSE!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

13 things I've learned in 13 years of marriage

 Well, few people know that our ride to 13 years of marriage has had it's ups and the very ugly downs. But here we are and  we are not taking it lightly anymore but conscious of every step and decision we make together. 

So here's my 13 things that I have learned. 

1. Marry Your Equal

Make sure there are a lot more things in common that you agree and share together so that there will be less unhappy surprises.

2. Marriage is Hard. Period.

As the time goes by, you might wondered if you partnered with the wrong guy, but reality sets and you REALLY start getting to know each other's flaws. Do not run from it but tackle it with patience and grace. 

3. Get over it!

We are not perfect! I like things  a certain way and I have to accept and learn that his shoes left on the kitchen counter may not be as dirty as they look. 

4. It's What You Do that Counts. 

It doesn't matter if I'm not a morning person or that he's not a late night person. Work on a happy medium. 

Make each other feel special for how much they mean to you. 

5. Strangest Things Do Work!

When they happen don't over analyze it. Take it and run with it. 

Such is the case when we bought a brand new car in both of our names a month before our divorce was to be finalized. Thankfully, the car helped us her to Houston and no divorced happened.

6. People Change. 

I did. I see my wedding gown and I dont like it anymore so off to goodwill it went. 

When two people help each other to grow, it will flourish. 

7. Touch

Hold hands. Always. 

8. Dialog

Dialog about each other's feelings. It's is important to know what your spouse is going through. Never judge their feelings or tell them they shouldn't feel a certain way. Instead say; tell me more. 

9. Kids

When you have kids everything changes! 
Including your marriage and it should. It should make it stronger! Team up and be on the same page. You got differently personalities to raise and accommodate in your life. But never forget to make time for each other. And lead by example. 

10. Planning 

Always take into consideration their ideas and suggestion as you would like him to take yours. You will be happier and not fight so much on the road. 

11. Don't Forget Who You Are

You are still an individual with needs and wants. If your spouse respects your individuality, you chose correctly. 

12. Help!

Don't ever think you are the only one with marriage problems. Seek help before it's too late. I made that mistake. 

12. Live, Love, and Laugh! 

Together! Even when he farts and wakes you up from deep sleep! 

13. Forgiveness

Know how to truly forgive. 

It is always a struggle and not an easy task but forgiveness can open the doors to unimaginable things. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Resolutions - How I hate them

Resolutions are necessary for those that can't stick to what they set out to do. Like me. So, in order to keep my belly from growing like I'm having multiple kids; I've decided to run and skip on dessert and not give myself a time frame to lose the weight. So whatever long it takes, I will commit to be healthier! 

Whatever long it takes!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Happy 4th Birthday for Raquel!

My baby girl, Raquel, turned 4 on November 3rd. Where has the time gone! Oh yeah, they have turned my hair gray and given me more wrinkles. But that's okay, I'm loving every minute of motherhood. I just wish I could hold her when she was a week old again.

All Raquel wanted was her ice cream cake and her Daddy had to photo bomb her picture.

And he photo bomb this one too!

Sofia was happy because she got a couple of presents from Grandma Libby just because. I was never that lucky. 

Love my baby!

Her school birthday crown!

Latest Happenings...

I shall start working more on my blog like used to. It is looking rather empty and lonely without my crazy thoughts and pictures. So, here's my first try.

Sofia's first Kindergarten play date with Ginny at the Purple Cow. 

 Sofia and her friends!

My curly baby and Billy. He likes her.

We finally did our kitchen floor on Labor day. Well, John did. I just watched him do it. But it was my idea to change the floors!

He got a burger and beer after he was done.

My baby! I love him forever and ever!

My cuddeler! I love hugging him!

His name is Lenny.

Being goofy!

When she gets sick, she gets the star treatment in bed! All day long!

I love this picture! 

Hello Kitty Posing! Strike a pose!

They eat that too. 

Sofia reading to Raquel

John trying to read while stuff started happening on top of him...

Their idea!

My baby boys! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Tooth Fairy Visit!

We don't always order pizza, but when we do, something is bound to happen, like Sofia losing her first tooth!! At age 5! Today, we just didn't feel like being in the kitchen so we order pizza. Haven't done that in sooo looong! The girls were excited! So, it was football and pizza, then I heard Sofia say, "Ouch!" Then, she signal to her tooth. It was loose. I couldn't believe it!

So, I just told her how to keep moving it. Of course, she was excited but I didn't tell her how painful it is sometimes to remove it. It was painful for me.

It had to be Pizza. Cheese Pizza! And no, we do not do our hair on Sundays! 

Then, we had leftover Pizza for dinner and Sofia was very careful about eating her pizza, but she forgot and bit with her front teeth and wallah! The tooth came out! She freaked out for a moment thinking the tooth had gone down her throat but it was actually stuck on the pizza bread.

So, now we are waiting on the tooth fairy tonight to deliver a dollar bill so we can take to a store and buy something inexpensive.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

50th Sale!

On September 24th of 2012, I became unemployed and I decided to embarked on the Etsy train and sell what I love the most, vintage stuff. Vintage anything, anything vintage that would catch my eye, things that I would love for myself, my house, friends, neighbors.

Yesterday, I sold my 50th product! I have learned the ups and downs of having a business. I have lost, I have gained, I've made people happy and a couple of upset customers. But overall, I have stepped into something I never thought I could.

So, here's to 50, 100 and thousand's of more sells! Last but not least, my faith and perseverance have been the key in every sell!

YEY to Me!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Processed Foods VS. Anxiety = I'm Really, Really Getting Old!

You know you're getting old when something you've been eating all your life suddenly makes your body react a certain way.

It is time for me to face the reality that even though I feel young and full of energy, my body tells me it is changing. It has been several months, that I've been experiencing anxiety thinking it was related to my constant depression but after finally stopping to listen to my body, I realized my anxiety starts after I eat "certain types of foods." I wasn't sure in the beginning or perhaps, I didn't want to believe what my body was telling me.

But it was true. I experienced no anxiety and neither do my hands tremble, or my heart races a billion beats per minute when I eat healthy unprocessed foods. Then, I ate processed foods and bingo. My anxiety returned.

It was dark and gloomy that in fact, I'm getting old and can't no longer eat like I did when I was in my 20's.

Foods to avoid

Fizzy drinks - Not a problem; I've never liked them anyways.
Processed food - :(
White bread - :(
Chips - :(
Pastry -:(
Cakes -:(
Caffeine - :( :( :( :( :( :(
Sugar - :( :( :( :( :( :(
Alcohol - :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Chocolate - I'm allergic to it so it doesn't matter.
Cheese - :(
Fast Food - Jack in the Box curly fries :(

This will actually help me with my weight loss. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kindergarten year at St. Paul Catholic School!

It feels like she was born yesterday and I was changing her diapers. It feels like she just learned how to walk and said her first word, "dada." Now, she's starting Kindergarten and she's so thrilled but my heart just melted yesterday when I walked her down the hallway at St. Paul's school.

 She was beyond excited!
 Ms. Figueroa, Sofia's teacher.
We found her seat and she quickly began to draw. 

St. Paul rocks! 
Raquel going to All Saints, Little Saints preschool! She's not a morning person so cracking a smile so early will never happen.  
wait, that's half a smile! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Vacation - 2013

So we finally decided where to go with our family budget and it was decided to go to SeaWorld since the girls have been fighting for the only Shamu in the house and we thought this would be a great opportunity to buy an additional Shamu to end the fighting.

Things didn't start out well with Sofia throwing a fit but that was fix by my hand hittting her bottom then all was well!
 I did the impossible and asked strangers throughout our vacation to help us take a family picture. God willing, when we are able to go back again, we'll see how much our daughters have grown! And to kill time before the shows started we or they hopped on some rides!

                                                       Our first show and it was HOT!

                                        There is always something new to see! Like this guy! 
                                                  Finally, she was happy and goofy!               

                            It was so HOT, Sofia enjoyed getting wet whenever she had the chance to!

 Waiting for Shamu to show up and the only one who was no longer interested was Raquel, who did not enjoyed getting wet.

                                                 At another ride where we had a blast!

                                             Sofia showing me how high she can jump!

Finally, they got what they came to SeaWorld for. More Shamu toys!

Chicken Nuggets and French Fries for three and a half days. The most junk food they have EVER eaten!

Another family picture opportunity! This was taken at the last Shamu show.  

Raquel had the least fun at the shows. She did not enjoyed getting wet, Sofia looked forward to it. I hope Raquel grows out of it or it will be a long suffering life stuck with us.

This last time she told me: "Mom, I was brave, I didn't cry." 

Another family pic!

Time to go! It was a blast! 

The rest of our vacation was spent exploring San Antonio!

Sofia loves Dinasours, Raquel pretends she loves them.

Sofia found her princess dress and asked me to take her a picture.

Raquel's dream dress. I do like her pick.

At the Alamo where I had a paranormal experience. I couldn't sleep that night.  

At the Riverwalk Boat ride

Raquel was excited!

Sofia felt asleep. It was day three without her afternoon nap.

AND another family pic!

Our waitress was working hard for her money! 

and yet another family pic!

Posing with San Antonio!