Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Latest Happenings...

I shall start working more on my blog like used to. It is looking rather empty and lonely without my crazy thoughts and pictures. So, here's my first try.

Sofia's first Kindergarten play date with Ginny at the Purple Cow. 

 Sofia and her friends!

My curly baby and Billy. He likes her.

We finally did our kitchen floor on Labor day. Well, John did. I just watched him do it. But it was my idea to change the floors!

He got a burger and beer after he was done.

My baby! I love him forever and ever!

My cuddeler! I love hugging him!

His name is Lenny.

Being goofy!

When she gets sick, she gets the star treatment in bed! All day long!

I love this picture! 

Hello Kitty Posing! Strike a pose!

They eat that too. 

Sofia reading to Raquel

John trying to read while stuff started happening on top of him...

Their idea!

My baby boys! 

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