Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Tooth Fairy Visit!

We don't always order pizza, but when we do, something is bound to happen, like Sofia losing her first tooth!! At age 5! Today, we just didn't feel like being in the kitchen so we order pizza. Haven't done that in sooo looong! The girls were excited! So, it was football and pizza, then I heard Sofia say, "Ouch!" Then, she signal to her tooth. It was loose. I couldn't believe it!

So, I just told her how to keep moving it. Of course, she was excited but I didn't tell her how painful it is sometimes to remove it. It was painful for me.

It had to be Pizza. Cheese Pizza! And no, we do not do our hair on Sundays! 

Then, we had leftover Pizza for dinner and Sofia was very careful about eating her pizza, but she forgot and bit with her front teeth and wallah! The tooth came out! She freaked out for a moment thinking the tooth had gone down her throat but it was actually stuck on the pizza bread.

So, now we are waiting on the tooth fairy tonight to deliver a dollar bill so we can take to a store and buy something inexpensive.

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