Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cowboys take a W this week

Cowboys defense showed up last night against the Panthers; they practically won the game for us. So during the game, John and I were dismantling Romo left and right. Thankfully, last night he didn't throw any interceptions, although a couple of throws came very close. I have to say, I'm not very enthusiastic about Romo being our quarterback, he doesn't show confidence that a quarterback should have. So, while watching the post game interviews, Romo says, "today I showed up with a purpose." WHAT! John and I laughed and started tearing him up in pieces. DUDE! so, last week you didn't play with purpose? You are supposed to show up in every game with a purpose that starts with the letter W! This is his third year, shows us something!!

While watching Dale Hansen's sports show early last week, Romo said that, "quarterbacks don't have to work hard every weekend." WHAT!!!!! so, Romo, I guess, I don't have to work hard at my day job every week! Romo is insanely an airhead in my book.

After the game last night, they were interviewing one of our guys and he was asked how Romo is doing in regards to leading the team. Our guy said that he's pretty good, but that everyone looks to Witten for leadership. Ouch! -Sandra

Next: Broncos (3-0), Broncos 3 W's having been against not so good teams. If Broncos take this game, well, they would have played 4 straight games against not so good teams. We'll just have to wait and see.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Personalized Pillows

So my cousin had a baby girl, she named her Sara. No, I didn't misspelled the name. It's Sara in Spanish not English without the H at the end. So, to give her something special, I made her a pillow with her name on it. She loved it! So, I went ahead and made two more.

The pillow below I made for Hollis and Andra's little baby girl soon to be born. And then I realized, I have not made one for Sofia.

So, here's my baby's personalized pillow. The letters and white background is felt fabric.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sofia and Daddy

Sofia and her trademark. Thumbsucking.

Sofia has daddy's eyes and temper! She turned to she-hulk for a second there when we were taking the kids group picture.

Fun Sunday!

This past Sunday we had breakfast with the McIvor's. This is Phillip and little Xavian.
After breakfast, we went straight to James 2nd birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Not my favorite place at all. The place is too crowded and small. Thankfully, John made sure Sofia had fun.

Sofia meeting Chuck. Sofia thought he smelled like a rat so she didn't want anything to do with him. I agreed.

This photo shoot took sometime to take. All the kids couldn't stay still in one place. We finally sat Sofia down and we clicked away!
And of course, the moms and the birthday boy. Very soon, I'm going to look normal again and not so massive...this is the word John said to me when he saw my bare naked belly last week....

Baby Seaman Numero 2 - Update

Currently at 34 weeks and gained only 3 pounds and that puts me at 32 pounds gained! I thought I was going to gained about seven after I had eaten two banana splits last week. Baby, looks good. Dr. Kaye "tried" to push me into scheduling my delivery for October 28th and I said, no. I told him, I am going to wait until my baby is ready to come out. Dr. pushed again. I said no. You can' make me. I told him it was my body and my baby. Since in this country, women have the right to have an abortion (everyone knows how I feel about this subject), I told him I also have the right to birth my baby however I chose to and that was pretty much the end of the conversation.

However, he's giving me until November 3rd. I feel my baby is coming before then. But it will be God's will not on my OBGYN's calendar.

In other odd news, my belly button has completely come out. I'm still not wobbling but I'm sure it will happen soon. -Sandra.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tony Romo has done it again!

Where can I start after watching last nights game against the Giants. Alright, let me state the obvious. Eli Manning connects the ball with his teammates. Eli Manning has pretty good accuracy when connecting the ball. Eli Manning shows up under pressure. Eli Manning is a STAR quarterback, not a CELEBRITY quarterback.
So, last night at the post game press conference Romo often near tears accepts blame for loss (what a shock!) He states that he personally let teammates down in his "worst" performance since taking over as the teams starting quarterback. I got news for Romo, this isn't his worst. He's let us down before. He says, "The team played some really good football and obviously my mistakes put us in a hole." NO! Like we were fools enough not to noticed his three stupid interceptions. And then he has the nerve to say, "I'll improve...I'll fix this and I'll be better and we'll move forward. I'll look at myself and I'll figure out why, and I won't make those mistakes again." LOL! We have heard this before from him. "I'll improve"...my foot!
I can't stand Romo and his excuses. I can't stand his stupid interceptions. This guy just can't throw or much less connect! When he's under pressure he just fizzles out. On a good note: Our brand new spanking Stadium ROCKS! -Sandra.
Next: MNF - Panthers (0-2) We "should" get a W for this one.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not in the National Interest

Government-Run Health Care
By Chuck Colson
Who do you want answering this question: Should we save a baby born at 21 weeks and 5 days?

In the midst of the very heated debate going on about health care reform, one thing is becoming clearer and clearer—most Americans do not trust the government to make health care decisions for themselves or their families.

You don’t have to look far to see that their mistrust is well founded. Check out the British press virtually any day online, and you will find horror story after horror story about what can happen when the power of life and death is handed over to a government bureaucracy.

I’ve spoken before about Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (and I’ve also pointed out the sinister irony of that organization’s acronym, NICE, which was the center of evil in C.S. Lewis’s famous novel That Hideous Strength). NICE and similar agencies are setting health-care guidelines for the British National Health Service that are leading directly to a devaluing of human life.

Take the story of Bruce Hardy, who was denied the expensive cancer treatment his doctor wanted him to undergo. He was not even given the chance to pay for part of the treatment himself.
Just this month, Rosemary Munkenbeck told the Daily Telegraph that doctors withdrew fluids and drugs from her father elderly father, Eric Troake, after he suffered a stroke. He appears to have been treated according to a National Health Service “pathway scheme” for dying patients—even though it was not clear that he was actually dying, and despite having said that he wanted to live to be 100 if he could.

“[Doctors] say my sister and I are cruel and are trying to hold on to our father,” Munkenbeck said. “But this man has a right to life....He’s not suffering from a terminal illness, he just had a stroke. We just feel they decided from the beginning that he’s 95 so they’ve written him off.”
And the Daily Mail recently carried the story of Sarah Capewell and her son, Jayden, who was left to die by doctors because he was born at 21 weeks and five days. Had he been born only two days later, Jayden would have been given medical assistance and might have survived. But British government guidelines for National Health Service hospitals state: “If gestational age is certain and less than [22 weeks] it would be considered in the best interests of the baby, and standard practice, for resuscitation not to be carried out.”

Though Jayden, delivered by a midwife, was breathing on his own and moving his limbs, doctors refused to treat or even see him. Capewell says she said to one doctor, “You have got to help,” and he responded, “No, we don’t.”

Some lives may indeed be impossible to save. But what we have here is a government bureaucracy that has the power to determine—as a matter of policy—not to save lives that could be saved. In essence, determining whose life is worth the expense.
The proper, biblical role of government is to protect the well-being of its citizens—to provide security and promote justice, not to usher them into the next world by denying them medical care.

Do we need health care reform? Of course we do; I’ve said so before. But as Christians, we must not assent to giving unaccountable bureaucrats the power to determine the value of a human life—or to withhold medical care from those whose survival is somehow deemed outside the national interest.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sofia's Corner

Here's Sofia playing in the mud. Let's just say that her white sandals and the blue pants changed colors after 30 minutes.

Sofia looking her best for Mass.

I LOVE IT when it rains in Texas it actually is a blessing for my grass, my foundation and my pocket.

Sofia using my big belly for some relaxation on the couch.

I usually dry her hair in a very different method, but John decided to show me his method.

Sofia loves her daddy because he's able to do this stuff for her.

Sofia and John acting goofy again.
We are buying her something different than the laundry basket. I promise.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze

So, I was getting ready to go to bed last night after watching the Patriots vs. Bills game. BTW: this was a pretty good game last night. You really have to give it to Brady, he's pretty good even after been off a year from football.
So, John switches to Fox News after I got to watch the last half of Pride and Prejudice on the Oxygen channel, my favorite movie! So, anyways, he comes to our bedroom and says, "He died!" I'm like, "who died?" Patrick Swayze! I'm like, no way! "from Pancriatic Cancer," how sad, he was only 57.
So, this takes you back to: what were you doing back in 1987. One classic line from his movie Dirty Dancing, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." Don't lie! you loved this movie! I know, I still do. And who could forget the movie, "Ghost" another awesome movie. I remember crying when he finally said goodbye at the end of the movie. May God have Mr. Swayze in his mercy. -Sandra.

Monday, September 14, 2009

NFL: Go Cowboys!

So, the new NFL season has begun and so has the pizza eating every Sunday...minus the beer this time around. At any rate, John and I just love to watch sports and it usually begins every September to June of every year.

So, the Cowboys played Tampa Bay yesterday and even though the first half wasn't much to be proud of on the Cowboys defensive line, we still won. I'm still not crazy about our much talked about Quarterback Romo. I don't think he will "ever" take us to the Superbowl and if he does, darn it, I'll buy me one of his jersey's even though I really really want one from Witten.

Anyways, so, I dressed up Sofia in this onesie Lisa gave me awhile back and it still a little big but that's ok because from now on every Sunday our TV will be on just football games, Sofia will wear this onesie until she can't fit it anymore. Besides, she's almost doing the touchdown sign all I have to do is get her to do it when the Cowboys do a touchdown.
I'm hoping they'll play better than they did Tampa Bay, because after watching the Steelers vs. Titans last week, I don't think we have a chance for a long run this season. Just saying. NEXT: Giants. - Sandra.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sofia's School

Sofia's first week of school was interesting. I didn't cry anymore. Looking at her so excited when she enters her classroom puts me at ease. However, this past Tuesday she was crying not because I was leaving her but because I wasn't letting her go in her room. Her classroom door opens until 9:30am, we got there 15 minutes early and that was just too much time to wait for her. Once we entered, she was so thrilled that I had to chase her to give her my goodbye kiss and hug.

What's up with that!? I have noticed about three kids having a lot of detachment issues. Poor kids. The moms are like, "I hope this gets better." I guess, I'm glad Sofia likes her classroom or else I'll be devastated right now but at the same time, I wish she would at least miss me just a little tad. But John and I are happy that she's gotten very comfortable with the school surroundings. In fact, she loves it.

When I picked her up on Tuesday, her first full day at school, her teacher told me she was the only kid that did not cry during nap time. I thought, how could she! She was busy sucking on her thumb! Yesterday, at pick up time, I noticed half of the kids were crying at the door trying to get to their moms, where was Sofia? Still napping! She was the only one! I asked Mrs. Carol, "where's Sofia?" she pointed out to the back of the room and with a laugh she said, still sleeping! Mrs. Carol, stated Sofia has no problems sleeping along crying kids around her and she's about the only one who still has not cried and actually sleeps!

Mrs. Carol had to go and get her up. I noticed Sofia was upset about been woken up. But after her first full week at school my feeling about her attending Little Saints is happy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Seaman Numero 2 UPDATE!

I went for the baby check up today and we got a close up thanks to the 3D Sonogram. Here's the color pics!

I have definitely done it again. I have cursed my second baby with my lips. Poor thing. The baby has John's cheeks. The stuff around the baby's head is the placenta stuff. Baby is weighing at 4lbs and 11oz.

I have gained 4 more pounds. Not bad! So far total pounds gained 29 lbs! This is definitely a record for me. We'll see how the next and final 8 weeks pan out!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Down Memory Lane Continue...

Our wedding back in 2001.

A fun picture while taking my bridal portrait.

The Seaman sibblings. From left to right: Vanessa, John, Samantha, and Guy. They are all from the same parents, don't pay attention to the color of their skin. From the inside out they are very much the same as far as being funny and entertaining.
Below is the saddest day of my life in which my life changed forever. This was taken in Mexico City, where we my mom, my brother and I, met my dad to take us to the U.S. I was never the same after this day.

Down Memory Lane Continue...

Before Sofia was ever born, it was all about my awesome nephews. I was taking photography classes and they were my models.

Left: Jakob. Center: Andrew. Right: Sammy.

Below is Anthony, my nephew and godson!

Andrew and Ziera at our wedding. To the right is my brother Carlos.

Our engagement picture. Love him so much!
I thought I had lost this picture! This is my one and only celebrity picture. The guy below is Marc Anthony, or current Mr. JLo. At a Latin Festival moons ago.

Down Memory Lane...

What happens when you are cleaning up a closet full of who knows what? You find these!
1999 our dating year. 2000 our engagement year.

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures together when we were dating. love it! and yes, we were so damn skinny. But John still looks good to me no matter what!

Below is John. Yes, full of Costa Rican mud. This was a hot spring place. Yes, he gave me permission to posts these pics and he wants you to laugh with him not at him.

Our Costa Rican Hotel. Amazing place!

When we bought our house back in 2003. Yep, 6 years ago.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tears and more Tears

Today was a very tough day. Emotional tough day. Today was Sofia's half day at Little Saints and also the day my Auntie went back home to El Salvador.

First, Sofia's half day at school. I got up early. We ate breakfast. I dressed her up with her new sneakers and headed to her school. I was still a little uncomfortable until her Teacher Mrs. Carol open the door to the room and as I walked in, I lost it. I started crying, I couldn't stop my tears. At this point, I didn't care who was looking at me. I cleaned Sofia's hands. I put her down, she started playing, kissed her goodbye and I left. There was this Boohoo/Yahoo Party at the Fellowship Hall but all I wanted was to be alone. I cried and cried in my car and as I left the school, I felt a sense of abandonment, like I had abandoned my child. It was horrible.

This is the only picture of Sofia that I could take this morning.
Second, my Auntie has been watching Sofia for about three months since my mom left to take a break and today was the day of her departure. So, I came back home and I cried so more when I told her about leaving Sofia at school. Then John came to get her to take care to the airport. I cried again when we said our goodbyes. So, I practically cried all morning.

We took these pictures yesterday evening out in the yard. Below are Sofia's bodyguards...oops! I mean cousins, Andrew and Sammy.
Andrew and Sofia.
When I went back to get Sofia, I was feeling somewhat better. I asked Mrs. Carol how Sofia did and she said, "Sofia didn't even blink when you left." I said, "is that right?" I noticed kids crying when they saw their mommies at the door. Sofia had to literally be taken away from the toy section to where I was waiting for her. She looked upset for being taken away from the toys, but when she saw me, she was like, "oh, hey mom, there you are!"

I noticed her hands were blue, so I'm thinking markers and her blouse had been colored blue as well. Thankfully, I was able to take away the stain of the marker in her blouse. Her clothes are not expensive but they sure cost money.

Here's Sofia's first abstract artwork. So, I told John how it went for me and how it went for Sofia and he laughed. Not at me but at the way Sofia handled herself in the classroom. John said, "yep, she's like me, independent!" John said he didn't missed his mom on his first day of school. I don't remember at all.

At any rate, I just pray that this gets easier. -Sandra.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Visit to Little Saints School

So, today was Sofia's day to visit her school for an entire hour and get to know her room and classmates. I dressed her up pretty cute. This dress was from Judy! Thanks Judy! Everyone loved the dress.

Valentina is one of Sofia's classmates and they clicked pretty fast. As you see here, Sofia is extending a friendly hand with a toy as a sign of friendship. Or so I think.

Valentina and Sofia played together pretty well. Valentina is trilingual, in Italian, Spanish and English. Sofia is Bilingual in Spanish and English. They are about two weeks apart, they were both born in February of '08.

As the hour progressed, both girls enjoyed playing with each other. But as the hour progressed my anxiety came back and I was not sure anymore about leaving her on Thursday for half a day. All the kids were very well behaved but one. He threw tantrums when a kid took away a toy he was playing with and when the mom had enough, she said "I just don't know what to do about his tantrums." Why are some parents afraid of discipline?

But anyways, Thursday will be a tough day. More on this later.

Here's a video of Sofia on the phone. Yes, she found a toy phone and that was pretty much the end of her visit, she was hooked!