Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movies We Watch

Movie: The Assassination of Jesse James: By the Coward Robert Ford

Well, the title of this movie pretty much tells you the main character is assassinated and it also tells you who does the assassination.

First thing: Very Long Movie! Past midnight for us. At any rate, Jesse James is the bad guy robbing trains, banks along with his brother Frank. By the way, this movie is based on the life of the real Jesse James. Jesse, was feared by everyone. At the beginning of the movie, we see the James brothers robbing what it seems to be the last robbery for Frank (Jesse's older brother), then he decides to retired from it. Jesse is left on his own with the gang who still wants to support Jesse. The police puts a warrant for Jesse's arrest and a prize for his head.

This is where Robert Ford comes in to play portraying Jesse as his long time hero. There is really nothing I can say that will spoil this movie for anyone reading this lousy review, other than the fact of why Robert Ford is called a Coward. It is interesting to see how everyone wanted Jesse dead and after his death he was idolized. The question is why is Robert Ford seen as a coward? Well, you must see the movie to understand it and I won't spell that out here. It was a sad ending. They almost got me convinced Jesse James was the good guy. Almost.

We give it. A-. 4 1/2 stars. Great movie to watch.

Movie: God on Trial

Where do I start!! By the end of this movie John and I stayed up until midnight last night discussing this movie. We did come with a conclusion that this movie will not help convert anyone to believe in God but to doubt him, but it also makes good points for God. Hard movie to watch. At the end of this movie, you see a display of sacrifice in the name of true unconditional love.  

This movie is based during the Holocaust. Jewish prisoners are discussing why God has forgotten them, so they set up a court to determined why God is an unjust God.

The Charge: God has broken his Covenant with His people. The Jewish People.

There were pros and cons against God. Such as:

  • Throughout history God has, many times over, turned over his people to the enemy.
  • Is God Just? If He is Just, why does He allow such atrocities against his people?
  • God is not good.
  • Is it OK to blame God?
  • Is questioning God a blasphemous act?
This movie was hard to watch. The verdict was not very promising. The Jewish prisoners who's faith had not falter made good points for the case of God, but overwhelmingly the verdict against God was not a good one due to the fact of their current circumstances.

There was a moment where one of the Jewish prisoners was asked where his boys were at. He didn't know. Before being torn apart from his three boys, he begged the German soldier not to take his boys away from him. The soldier stopped and said to him, "I'll do something better, pick only one . but only one." This tore me apart! A loving mother and father could have never, NEVER  be able to choose one. I know I couldn't have made that choice to only pick one of my daughters. The Jewish prisoner told the soldier he couldn't pick just one.  

If your faith is strong, watch this movie.

Rate: A.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cooking with Sofia

John decided to finally try and make French Bread. Sofia was up to the task!

Sofia hard at work. She looks cute!

Hard work but definately worth it!

Alright, Daddy, your turn!

more flour here and there and....


tadda!!! Success! First time ever. I was shocked he did it! I mean they did it!

A very proud moment!


How to Talk to a Teacher

Good Guidelines
By: Chuck Colson

What do you do if you have a concern about what your child is learning in school? Talk to the teacher, of course. But how you do it might make all the difference.

If you are the parent of a public school child, you may be wondering what challenges your children will face at school when it comes to their faith and values. Last year, a research group surveyed a thousand 20–29 year olds who used to attend evangelical churches on a regular basis, but have since left the church. To their surprise, researchers found that, the vast majority of them began having doubts during middle school and high school.

It’s important that you know what values your children are exposed to in school. At some point you may need to talk to your children’s teachers about a concern you have about a classroom activity or reading selection.

Eric Buehrer, author of Keeping the Faith in Public Schools: How to help your children graduate with their faith and values intact, advises parents how to take a successful approach to talking to a teacher about a concern.

He points out that when it comes to addressing a concern in your school, you can either be a lamp or a blow torch. To be a lamp, Buehrer recommends what he calls the “Help Me Understand” approach.

Before you talk to the teacher, think through why—if what you heard from your child or another parent was accurate—you would like the teacher to change the activity or assignment. Then, use the following four-steps to discuss the issue with the teacher.

First, start the conversation by using the phrase “Help me understand. . .” For example, if you are concerned about a particular reading assignment, you might start by saying, “Help me understand why you chose this book for the students to read.”

At this point in the conversation you want clarification. Don’t jump to conclusions about the motives of the teacher. Don’t be angry. Be sincere in trying to understand the point of the assignment.

The next step Buehrer recommends might, at first, sound unnecessary, but it’s important: Affirm, in general, what the teacher is trying to do. For example, you might appreciate the fact teacher wants the students to learn about the environment, but you are concerned about the particular bias of the book she is using. At this point in the conversation, don’t jump to your concerns. Finding “common ground” is an important part of the discussion.

Buehrer then advises that you transition to your concern by using the phrase, “But have you considered . . .” And don’t assume the teacher will oppose you. In fact, it is better to assume the teacher will agree with you once you explain your concern. It is often the case that a teacher is thinking of one reason for the lesson or book selection, but hasn’t considered what students might learn or be exposed to that the teacher didn’t have in mind.

Finally, if the teacher agrees with you, ask her advice about what might be a good alternative for the class. Of course, the teacher may ask you for your ideas, so be sure you’ve done your homework! Have some alternatives you can present her if she’s open.

Now, if the teacher doesn’t agree to change what the class will be learning, ask for an alternative assignment for your own child.

5 Things About Me Today

1. Chicken Pox. Check.

2. Stomach Flu. Check.

3. Vomit and Diarrhea. Check and Check.

4. Girls can really scream your ear out and leave you tone deaf. Check.

5. Knowing these times will never be relieved in your lifetime ever again. Priceless.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Five on Friday - Spoiled

1. Has anyone ever spoiled a book/movie/etc. for you?

Yes, I used to listen to a morning radio show and they started talking about "Million Dollar Baby" movie and how good it was, I was excited to hear good reviews about it since I was YET to watch it, then the host came out and started talking about the "sad" ending of the movie in detail. I was mad. Since then, I decided why even bother to watch the movie since I pretty much know the ending. Sucks.

2. Have you ever spoiled a book/movie/etc. for anyone?

No. Unless they don't care about it and ask for details.

3. Are you (or were you) spoiled as a child?

Heck no. I wanted to be spoiled but with three other siblings feeling the same way I did, it was impossible.

4. Do you put spoiler cuts when you discuss books/film in your journal?

No. I want to, but that would be unfair.

5. Is there any food spoiling in your ktichen right now?

I'm very positive there is something there in the back of the fridge that is. I don't even want to think about it right now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Seaman Girls

Raquel riding on Sofia's bike. As you can tell, she loved it and she did hold on pretty good, mind you she's only 9months!

Another cooking experience for Sofia.

Adding Parsley

Last but not least, Raquel walks at 9 months! She's trying to catch up to Sofia.

Sofia doing her own cooking.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

He's Back

Will he ever know how to quit!?  He's 40 years old! Dude, the Hall of Fame is waiting for you to quit, actually, we are all waiting for you to quit!

''I owe it to this organization to give it one more try.''

Not that coming back for a 20th season was a simple decision.

''I could make a case for both playing, not playing,'' Favre said. ''This is a very good football team, the chances here are much greater than other places. From that standpoint, it was always going to be easier (to return).

''Part of me said it was such a great year, it would be easy to say, 'Hey can't play any better, why even try?' Then the other part is, 'Guys are playing on a high level. Why don't I go back out?' The expectations are high here, as they should be.''


Don't trust a pretty face! Get her background checked first!

 She's got co-dependency problems! Call you girlfriend, pronto!

Something tells me women made themselves happy by sweeping floors back then! It never fails, they are either holding the broom or cooking.
 So, this is where they got the idea from! Who would have thunk it! PERVERTS!

It's called POLLUTION witch!

Two in one! Can't beat it! Remember how heavy these things were!

No, you all scare me. pass.

The cheesiest pick up line ever! But perhaps, back then, holding the right cigarrete could get you digits! I take grammar over your digits!

CORRECTION: "for a better start in cavities!"

5 Things About Me Today

1. It finally rained down in my neighborhood yesterday. Again today. I like to see my grass green throughout the summer but summers here in Texas can get pretty hot and I hate to see houses with dead dried up grass, it is one of those things that separates homeowners I guess.

2. I can power walk pain free! But I still can't run. I'd call that in improvement from 6 months ago when I could barely walk! I just pray that by March next year, I'm running at least a 5K!

3. I have to stop going to bed at midnight. I blame Jane Austen! She's wicked. How dare she write a book that I can't put down. I swear! Coffee has suddenly become my savior.

4. I have started to wear my high heel shoes again. They make me feel pretty and cute.

5. I have been schedule to travel to KC, MO for three days in September (work related) and I'm already dreading being away from my babies. At the same time, I am calling it a semi-work-vacation away from diapers and baby monitors. I know that once I'm there, I will want to get back on the plane to bring me home. I hate planes. I hate it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Movies We Watch

Movie: Appaloosa

Starring Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) tells a story about two former Marshall and his deputy (Viggo) protecting a western town from law breakers who just happened to kill the former Marshall and his deputy.

Unfortunately, this movie does not have a lot of gun fighting action but lots and lots of dialog which is OK, but when you are watching a Western movie the gun fighting is expected. We were Ok with this movie but will likely not watch it again. We give it 2 1/2 stars and that's for Viggo's pretty good country accent.

Movie: Hot Tub Machine

When you find yourself pushing the forward button in your remote it usually means the movie is a total waste. I thought I'd try this movie only because the characters go back to the 80's, you know, the music, the clothes and let's not forget, the HAIR!
Lot's of F-BOMBS. What a waste! I probably only found one funny moment I could say was funny. Don't waste your time. John Cusack stars in this movie and it reminds me why I never liked him in the first place. We give it 1 1/2 stars. Yuck.

BBC Mini-series: Little Dorrit

I have discovered my new passion! MASTERPIECE THEATER!
Where have I been!? While scrolling through Netflix I found this BBC Miniseries done in 2008 and after reading the reviews, I thought I'd give it a chance and it was FANTASTIC!

If you like 20th century period pieces, this is a must watch series. It is based on the Charles Dickens epic Noble. It's a story from rags to riches, Little Dorrit, or Amy Dorrit is born in the Debtors prison due to her father owing money to creditors but Mr. Clennam (Matthew McFayden, as known as former Mr. Darcy) helps uncover that they have a fortune but when that fortune is found their lives changes but not for long.
Very good story. I'm tempted on buying the book, but I have so many other books that I still need to get to, therefore, I will hold on.

John declined to watch this mini-series (4 CD's 2 hours long each.) I told him he missed a good story.
I can't wait to watch another Masterpiece Theater miniseries!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Five on Friday - Kitchen

1. What's on top of your refrigerator?

Let's see, my huge CD case holding who knows how many Cd's. Now, that I think about it, I don't know why is up there...I'm sure John put it there. I must remove...quick. There are also 3 gallons of water for Raquel's formula. Those things will be history when she turns one. Can't wait.

2. What's your favorite meal of the day?

Breakfast. Love waking up to hot coffee, eggs and John's potatoes and to end it all, jelly on toast bread. love it.

3. Wash dishes by hand or in the dishwasher? What detergent do you use?

Unfortunately, when we bought the house, the only thing not properly working was the dishwasher and when we could replaced it, we didn't. So, right now, it is only holding Raquel's little bowls. We run that thing once a week, and when we do, it leaks. So, as to protect our wood floors we grab towels to absorb all the water. Maybe one day, when we are rich we will be able to afford a dishwasher, right now is all done by hands using Palmolive.

4. How often do you eat out compared to eating in?

Those were the good old times when John and I hardly every cook. We had all the restaurants menu to order take out and on the weekends, we would go out and eat. Nowadays, that is history. It is cheaper to stay home and cook some random recipe off the web. Maybe, one day when we are rich we can afford to eat out. One day.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?

I'm cutting my hair. I can't wait!!! I love to explore with my hair, I'm not skeered! I mean scared. So, I have these to choose from:

This is what I have now. I may go for it again...who knows.

But, I may be going for this one. love it! Top favorite!

The next two are similar but the cut is different.

Or, I may just let it grow again since fall is coming. I like this look. I just wish my hair wasn't so thick!

Sunday, August 8, 2010



Sofia having fun before it got way too hot outside!

John making Raquel believe she's still Spider Baby....

Cooking with Sofia

Cooking Eggplant Parmesan with Daddy! We don't ask Sofia if she wants to help, she just pulls up a chair and says "I want to help!" We say, "sure!"

This evening, Sofia ended very tired. I'm guessing all that cooking concentration made her very tired.

I love that concentration. She looks so cute!

We Did It!

Three weeks ago, I took Sofia to her Doctor because she had gotten sick twice for two different reasons. I asked him if her thumb sucking had anything to do with it. He said, "probably" kids who suck their thumb get sick the most because everything they touch it is taken directly to their mouths.

Right there, I had two choices to make. A: break the habit. B: keep spending money on Dr. bills and prescriptions.

I decided for choice A. I had already researched on items to cover her little thumb, but most of them were very expensive. I thought, well, maybe I'll save the money first. Whatever I saved went to pay for her Dr. bills. So, after we got off her Doctor, we went straight to Tom Thumb. I went straight to the First Aid stuff, at this point, I still had no clue what I wanted to get. I saw some very cute band aids, and First Aid Tape (Waterproof!) Bang! I got it! I had decided that I was going to tape her thumb with tape and cover it with a very cute "Dora, the explorer" band aid and wallah!

Sofia didn't sleep for the first 3 days. I could see her pain. She was miserable, and so was John and I. I hurt for her! I so wanted to give in to her pain and crying and begging for me to take the tape and band aid off but I didn't. We tough it out and today as we speak, she's no longer sucking her thumb. IT WORKED!!! WE DID IT!

Number one rule: Consistency in everything you do with your children. You got to show them that you will follow through or else they won't take you seriously.

I decided to tell her that her Thumb was sick, therefore, we need it to take good care of it and put "medicine" to make it all better again. Thankfully, she believed the story, but she quickly figured out that even though the Thumb was "sick" she couldn't suck on it anymore and that made her go pretty mad. VERY MAD. Thankfully, she was not able to get the tape out of her Thumb, that was my worry, that she could. Had we waited to do this as she got older, I fear, it would have been worse. How much did this cost me? A total of $10. versus $80. Priceless!

We were there for her for the first 3 days, all Sofia did was cry, cry and cry. She was having Thumb Sucking withdrawal, kinda like having Coffee withdrawal, get it?

The picture below was taken last week, she had already gotten used to the tape and band aid, actually, by the second week, she wanted all that stuff in her thumb.

Another victory!! Hooray! Can't give up before trying, got to go all the way to the finish line!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Five on Friday - Dairy

1. What are your feelings about Milk? Actually, my feelings about milk are very positive.

2. What are your feelings about Cheese? The same as milk. duh!

3. What are your feelings about Yogurt? Sofia reacts very positively to Yogurt.

4. What do you feel about Soy Milk? I feel Yuck about Soy Milk.

5. How far are you from the nearest cow? Turn right on Royal Oaks, onto Jupiter Rd. Pass Parker, turn your face towards the left and you will see Cows. Distance from my house, 5 minutes.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5 Things About Me Today

1. I feel like a child again when I'm sewing and/or creating something with my bare hands. I love it so much, I feel cheated I don't have more time to spend creating. I can't wait to teach Sofia and Raquel. I only hope they'd love it too!

2. It is too hot to do anything outside. Gee, Sunday was 106, yesterday 107...I hate rushing time but Fall, where are you!?

3. I have been noticing my Plantar Fasciitis is feeling much better. In fact, I was running around with Sofia yesterday and I didn't feel any pain. I must not rush, however, I need to keep on doing my stretching exercises. I give it 6 more months and I can start running again!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I need to de-stressed so much!!

4. I was talking to Gayle this past Sunday, she's one of Zara's friends and it is so refreshing to talk to someone about parenthood and how tough it can be to fight against the wave of what the world thinks kids should have nowadays. She's someone I admire for raising her boy without TV (this is very limited), no IPHONE and no Nintendo! AMAZING! They create, do stuff inside and outside the house, they read, they have conversations! Again, this is what I want to do with my girls. Explore with them!

5. Life changing events are coming.