Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Don't trust a pretty face! Get her background checked first!

 She's got co-dependency problems! Call you girlfriend, pronto!

Something tells me women made themselves happy by sweeping floors back then! It never fails, they are either holding the broom or cooking.
 So, this is where they got the idea from! Who would have thunk it! PERVERTS!

It's called POLLUTION witch!

Two in one! Can't beat it! Remember how heavy these things were!

No, you all scare me. pass.

The cheesiest pick up line ever! But perhaps, back then, holding the right cigarrete could get you digits! I take grammar over your digits!

CORRECTION: "for a better start in cavities!"


Amanda Borenstadt said...

Yeah, cola for babies. Holycow!
These are just wild! LOL

The Seaman's said...

They were wild. They tried their hardest to sell just about anything.