Sunday, August 8, 2010

We Did It!

Three weeks ago, I took Sofia to her Doctor because she had gotten sick twice for two different reasons. I asked him if her thumb sucking had anything to do with it. He said, "probably" kids who suck their thumb get sick the most because everything they touch it is taken directly to their mouths.

Right there, I had two choices to make. A: break the habit. B: keep spending money on Dr. bills and prescriptions.

I decided for choice A. I had already researched on items to cover her little thumb, but most of them were very expensive. I thought, well, maybe I'll save the money first. Whatever I saved went to pay for her Dr. bills. So, after we got off her Doctor, we went straight to Tom Thumb. I went straight to the First Aid stuff, at this point, I still had no clue what I wanted to get. I saw some very cute band aids, and First Aid Tape (Waterproof!) Bang! I got it! I had decided that I was going to tape her thumb with tape and cover it with a very cute "Dora, the explorer" band aid and wallah!

Sofia didn't sleep for the first 3 days. I could see her pain. She was miserable, and so was John and I. I hurt for her! I so wanted to give in to her pain and crying and begging for me to take the tape and band aid off but I didn't. We tough it out and today as we speak, she's no longer sucking her thumb. IT WORKED!!! WE DID IT!

Number one rule: Consistency in everything you do with your children. You got to show them that you will follow through or else they won't take you seriously.

I decided to tell her that her Thumb was sick, therefore, we need it to take good care of it and put "medicine" to make it all better again. Thankfully, she believed the story, but she quickly figured out that even though the Thumb was "sick" she couldn't suck on it anymore and that made her go pretty mad. VERY MAD. Thankfully, she was not able to get the tape out of her Thumb, that was my worry, that she could. Had we waited to do this as she got older, I fear, it would have been worse. How much did this cost me? A total of $10. versus $80. Priceless!

We were there for her for the first 3 days, all Sofia did was cry, cry and cry. She was having Thumb Sucking withdrawal, kinda like having Coffee withdrawal, get it?

The picture below was taken last week, she had already gotten used to the tape and band aid, actually, by the second week, she wanted all that stuff in her thumb.

Another victory!! Hooray! Can't give up before trying, got to go all the way to the finish line!

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