Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movies We Watch

Movie: The Assassination of Jesse James: By the Coward Robert Ford

Well, the title of this movie pretty much tells you the main character is assassinated and it also tells you who does the assassination.

First thing: Very Long Movie! Past midnight for us. At any rate, Jesse James is the bad guy robbing trains, banks along with his brother Frank. By the way, this movie is based on the life of the real Jesse James. Jesse, was feared by everyone. At the beginning of the movie, we see the James brothers robbing what it seems to be the last robbery for Frank (Jesse's older brother), then he decides to retired from it. Jesse is left on his own with the gang who still wants to support Jesse. The police puts a warrant for Jesse's arrest and a prize for his head.

This is where Robert Ford comes in to play portraying Jesse as his long time hero. There is really nothing I can say that will spoil this movie for anyone reading this lousy review, other than the fact of why Robert Ford is called a Coward. It is interesting to see how everyone wanted Jesse dead and after his death he was idolized. The question is why is Robert Ford seen as a coward? Well, you must see the movie to understand it and I won't spell that out here. It was a sad ending. They almost got me convinced Jesse James was the good guy. Almost.

We give it. A-. 4 1/2 stars. Great movie to watch.

Movie: God on Trial

Where do I start!! By the end of this movie John and I stayed up until midnight last night discussing this movie. We did come with a conclusion that this movie will not help convert anyone to believe in God but to doubt him, but it also makes good points for God. Hard movie to watch. At the end of this movie, you see a display of sacrifice in the name of true unconditional love.  

This movie is based during the Holocaust. Jewish prisoners are discussing why God has forgotten them, so they set up a court to determined why God is an unjust God.

The Charge: God has broken his Covenant with His people. The Jewish People.

There were pros and cons against God. Such as:

  • Throughout history God has, many times over, turned over his people to the enemy.
  • Is God Just? If He is Just, why does He allow such atrocities against his people?
  • God is not good.
  • Is it OK to blame God?
  • Is questioning God a blasphemous act?
This movie was hard to watch. The verdict was not very promising. The Jewish prisoners who's faith had not falter made good points for the case of God, but overwhelmingly the verdict against God was not a good one due to the fact of their current circumstances.

There was a moment where one of the Jewish prisoners was asked where his boys were at. He didn't know. Before being torn apart from his three boys, he begged the German soldier not to take his boys away from him. The soldier stopped and said to him, "I'll do something better, pick only one . but only one." This tore me apart! A loving mother and father could have never, NEVER  be able to choose one. I know I couldn't have made that choice to only pick one of my daughters. The Jewish prisoner told the soldier he couldn't pick just one.  

If your faith is strong, watch this movie.

Rate: A.

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