Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Seaman Girls

Here's John showing Sofia how to crack an egg. After this one, she wanted to crack the other 11 eggs on the carton.
Here's Raquel having fun with Sofia. Sofia was not having fun with Raquel.

Auntie Nessa and Cousin Chaz with Sofia!

What's up Erkel!? Did I do that!? For the record, the pants on Raquel are size 12 months. Her other pants were in the laundry basket. But she still looks cute in this one!

Sofia loving on Billy. This is their first picture together this close. Billy has never allowed Sofia to get this close until now. Billy has been rather jealous of her; chihuahuas are pretty territorial and Billy considers me his mama too.

My dog Billy. Yes, as everyone knows, he's my favorite dog.

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