Tuesday, September 30, 2008

8 Mile Venture

I am about to begin something that I was supposed to have done last year around this time, however, due to getting pregnant, my goal of running the Turkey Trot 2007 and training for it when down to my growing belly.

Although, I have to say that since I returned to running this last April, I have seen a good handful of pregnant women running. The last 5K I did in early May, there she was an 8 month pregnant woman and embarrasingly enough she finished way before me. I was only carrying fat, mind you. So, that pretty much put me in a different perspective, how can she and I couldn't? Let's roll back the time and see why I could even barely walk: puke day and night for 9 months, lost all energy, my belly was growing at a record time and lost my balance even when walking so, wobbling was just the perfect way to keep balance. Also, I was told by my Doc that I was a "high risk pregnancy" even though my baby looked fine and healthy, but because "I'm consider older" than the average child bearer I should only walk. So that's why I didn't even run. 9 months and 60lbs later, I have a beautiful 8lb 3onzer baby. Oh yeah, 60lbs. I was supposed to gain 35lbs, whatever that means. I say it was water weight.

At any rate, John with his new found love of running did train for the "Too Hot To Handle" 8 mile run this summer and did not dissapoint. So, after staying cool this summer and taking my running inside the gym due to my Ashtma, it is now my time to conquer my goal and run the Turkey Trot 2008.

My training starts this coming Monday, October 6th, twice a week. It goes for 7 straight weeks until Turkey day. As I am told, they start making us run 30 minutes to start, well, i can barely run 22 minutes straight but, I am going to hang on and just do it. I keep you posted on my runs. I will also appreciate any "tips" if you are a runner for the 8 mile run.
I guess this is one good way to also drop my last baby weight off me. (I mean, water weight)

Love, Sandra S.

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