Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Shopping

O.M.G. I'll start with that and then get dizzy, pale and probably pass out next time I shop at Toys R Us next year.

So, I decided to wait until I was on vacation to Christmas shop for our girls and I chose yesterday (Wednesday) to do so. I went to Target first in the a.m. about an hour and a half before lunch and the store was not buzzing with crazy shoppers but after an hour it seemed that everyone had gathered at the toy section of the store because I could no longer roll my cart inside the aisles, then I proceeded to head to the Electronics section where I also found a lot of people but it was o.k, not crazy just o.k. then after lunch I proceeded to head out to Toys R Us where I found it to be a mad house.

There were absolutely no employees to help you through the maze of toy aisles full with people and with absolutely no clue as to where the toys were located, I found myself going through every single aisle and suddenly, I was sweating and getting dizzy. That was nerve wracking to say the least and only to find out that what I was looking for, once I was at the cashier's was out of stock AND the only store to carry the item was in FRISCO!!!

Which meant that if I wanted to save $50 in this item (Wednesday was the last day of the sale) I needed to make a decision to drive to Frisco. I did. Fortunately for me, that store was not a mad house.

My point is, when you are shopping for toys people can get frantic. I got dizzy and pale. No one was smiling, no one, I take it was happy to be there; I reckon buying toys for your kids can be a happy event but Christmas shopping can throw the jolly out the window.

Just saying. -Sandra.

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