Friday, November 5, 2010

Five on Friday - Ultra Positive!

1.In what way is today better than yesterday?

well, for starters today is Friday yesterday was not! Today is sunny, 60 degrees! Nice!

2.In what way is this year better than last year?

Last year today, I was still laying in a hospital bed after delivering Raquel. I was in pain and not a lot of sleep.

3.In what way are you better than you were six months ago?

I weight less than I did 6 months ago. I'm back to size 6, but now I got to firm my abs! and run to get my pants to fit better.

4.Besides technology (because that’s so easy), what’s better about the world today than the world you grew up in?

I'm going to say medicine has advanced. We still haven't found a cure for Cancer and I doubt we will but I think medicine has definately improved and people are now living longer than before.

5.In what way will you make (or have you made) someone else’s day better, today?

My company had an office lunch yesterday (barbecue) and there was plenty left so, I brought plenty for my Nanny and she was very touched.

Have a positively joyous weekend!

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