Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Movies We Watch

Movie: The Day the Earth Stood Sill

If you have a political agenda then make a movie! If you are an environmental freak make a movie about saving the earth from the humans! This movie should have been titled: THE DAY THE SCIENTIST WERE SMARTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE.

This movie is about Aliens invading earth. Their purpose: To save the earth from us. We are endangering the Earth, and the Earth is dying and is all our fault, therefore, they have come to erase us from it or else the Earth has no chance of surviving because we just don't give a hoot about the planet we live on. Keanu Reeves plays the Alien who has come to see whether or not we deserve a second chance. He doesn't see that humans can change, therefore, he starts the process of destroying all human life.

Oh! and guess who are the only humans that give a hoot about earth!? Scientist and Environmentalist and Al Gore.

Besides all the political undertones about Green People are good for the Earth and people who don't worship the Earth (like me) we give it 2 1/2 stars. Whatever.

Movie: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A journalist has been given an assignment to find a missing person that went missing 40 years ago. Along the way, he is assisted by a hacker (the girl with the dragon tattoo) to help him find where Harriet is.

This is an amazing drama, thriller movie about detective work sought out to find her killer. On the negative side: There were some very rated R moments that we fast forward. We didn't see the correlation to the main plot but everything else was pretty fascinating how there were able to trace clues unchecked by the police. The movie is in Swedish. You need subtitles unless you know Swedish. That reminds me Ikea's Swedish meatballs are good!

This movie is based on a book. This movie is part of a trilogy. The story continues on two more sequels. 4 Stars.

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